Silver Doctor Spey Variants


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Silver Doctor Spey Variants

A couple of spey style conversions of one of the most iconic full dress Atlantic Salmon patterns of all time.

James Wright created the Silver Doctor salmon fly in 1850. He lived in Sprouston, Roxburghshire, Scotland, close to the banks of the river Tweed. Wright is considered one of the greatest fly dressers to have ever lived. He was responsible not only for a number of the famous salmon flies, but for the legendary trout fly, the Greenwell's Glory as well.

Jamie Wright's Salmon flies from Francis Francis:

- Black & Yellow - Dandy - Orange Ranger - White Wing
- Black Doctor - Durhamn Ranger - Peacock Fly
- Black Ranger - Greenwell - Silver Doctor
- Blue Doctor - John Campbell - Silver Grey
- Blue Ranger - John Ferguson - Stevenson
- Byrel - Lion - Thunder & Lightning

silver doctor spey variants.jpg

Hook - Blue Heron #2
Tip - Small silver oval tinsel
Tag - Yellow floss
Tail - GP crest and tippet
Butt - Red wool yarn
Body - Large silver flat tinsel
Rib - Medium silver oval tinsel
Hackle - Kingfisher blue Whiting hen spey hackle
Collar - Gadwall flank
Wing - Bronze mallard (turkey tail in other)
Head - Red thread and Loon UV cure