Smith Chromapop?


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That falls in line with something that the Smith Rep. was talking to my girlfriend about when we were trying them on at a shop's event. She was complaining about how her eyes would hurt when outside all day. He replied that was because she has very light blue eyes. He went on to tell her that frequently he finds that those with lighter eyes (blue or grey) will have this issue because they are not wearing the proper lens. He suggested she always wear a mirrored lens, the mirrored bronze for fishing or their "platinum", as the mirroring would cut down glare even though the light transmission values/percentages were similar to non-mirrored lenses. This theory was echoed when Smith emailed me back asking about the differences in lens colors/tints for both her and I.
I have brown eyes, and the Smith rep at the time told me any lens would be ok for me in that regard, suggesting any of the three I asked about in my original post, but the shop only had the brown color to play around with.