SOLD: Pristine Scott fiberglass F 754/3 -


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Western Washington
All gone now.

A genuine rarity and what I believe to be one of the great fiberglass rods, this Scott 7'6" 4wt is in perfect condition. It has no perceptible blemishes or scratches, and casts easily and accurately. What is probably the most amazing thing about it (aside from its good looks, perhaps) is how quickly and cleanly the tip recovers when casting, especially for what is at best a "medium" action rod. Unusual for these models (from what I've seen) it also features a gorgeous rosewood insert. Although the rod is in perfect condition, the tube is dinged up a little, and you can see it has a very slight bend to it. This was occasioned before I became the owner, but clearly the rod has not suffered in any way and the tube is still strong as can be.

It's hard to let this one go, as I know I won't see its like again, but it doesn't get used much these days, as its place in the quiver has been supplanted by bamboo. Anyway, given what it is, I'm asking $625 including shipping, but you can make an offer if you like. This one is not yet on the evil auction site, but will go there soon if no-one here is interested. It will be shipped insured and with recipient signature required. Here are the relevant photos:


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