SOLD: Sage 7136-4 Graphite IIIe "Greenie"


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Tetonia, Idaho
SOLD: Sage 7136-4 Graphite IIIe “Greenie” for sale $275, shipping included

The rod is in good condition, ferrules and wraps are tight. I have touched up some surface scratches with clear nail polish; I’ve tried to show it in a photo but it doesn’t show up very well. I have more photos, but the forum software limits posts to 10 photos. PM me if you would like to see more photos.

This is a great rod with a Scandi line and floating polyleader. I’ve caught quite a few Steelhead with it over the years. When I first got it, I had been struggling with two-handed casting and this rod gave me that “aha” moment where casting became fun.

I’ve moved on to rod building and need to make room in the quiver.IMG_4004.jpgIMG_4007.jpgIMG_4010.jpgIMG_4011.jpgIMG_4012.jpgIMG_4013.jpgIMG_4014.jpgIMG_4015.jpgIMG_4016.jpg


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