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L'Étoile du Nord
Oh yes, we had a conversation about that. I forgot what Hardy reel Joseph was using on his Z-axis I remember talking to Tim about that as well, Joseph hasn't wanted to sell to me yet, I`d buy it today. I have a lot of love for the Z 7136. Paul! what an awesome rig! Congratulations!


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Awesome! Was it a custom order? I need another one of these in ALL BLACK!
I don't think it was custom Danny , if you look thru the models you should see it. I think the only "custom" part was he maybe did a little less porting to get some weight. If you need another picture let me know and I'll see what I can do.


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No salmon showing yesterday but I was able to debug my casting, haven't touched a rod since the end of October 2019. Got things in order quickly and caught some trout but never saw trace of any salmon which isn't shocking for May 14 here but any day now I think. I won't be back out until Monday now as I'll give them time to get to where I was at yesterday. Generally 4 days will see some fish moving. Kings are funny fish, they don't generally do a mad dash up a river like the other species do. They tend to lull around figuring out where they want to stay. Some of course know that they are headed all the way to headwater and those fish do move quickly.

Only rigged 2 rods, 14 foot Sage X and my 11 1/2 foot Swift.

That's the X rod with a size 7/8 Spectrum Max reel in what they call Squid Ink finish.

Just the hub and drag knob are an indigo anodized finish, frame black, spool silver. All in all a nice reel I think.

Swift rod with that Swift reel I got from a UK seller last year, super light pair those two.

I caught some trout but all on an AK Assassin on the Sage and none on the Willi Gunn looking fly here, looked good to me but I'm afraid the Assassin scoured the run and there were none left to try the Gunn fly.

High water limited the number of suitable trout runs I could work so next time maybe
That Hardy Swift is a nice looking reel. If it was a car it would be a nice luxury European touring vehicle.
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Wasilla / Skwentna, Alaska
Here's some more rod and reel love from last Sunday. By 7:30 AM desperation set in and I rigged additional rods with various lines & heads as well as different flies.

Haven't fished with that Sage One for several years.

Three of them in the vertical console rack, right to left a Sage X 14 foot #8 with Spectrum Max Squid Ink finish - Sage One 13'6" number eight with Spectrum Max stealth black and the new Guideline LPXe 13 foot 8/9 and Hardy MTX 7000 reel.

A good look at the Squid Ink Max reel and the subtle finish of the X rod.

A very long day with no fish landed so don't give me a hard time for taking a few tackle shots :)