Spey Style Flies


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I was poking around on Instagram and noticed a few interesting patterns posted by SpeyBros...a Finnish double-hander centric fly shop. This is gear shift for me from the flashier prawny 3/0 and 2/0 salmon / steelhead flies I had been tying. These are on a size 3. They are also toned down. Smaller with more natural colors and with just a touch of color in the tail......

I just want to highlight the fact too that I used a different hackle for each fly pictured to see which I like the best. The upper left was with Whiting Spey hackle, the one on the upper right was with blue eared pheasant and the lower one was with ringneck pheasant rump. Hopefully it shows that you can feel free to substitute materials. Don't think you have to have heron, or blue eared pheasant or other hard to find materials to tie a particular style of fly. Improvise and experiment.

On low water....these should be the ticket. Perhaps a few more in different colors (black, olive, gray) and a splash of color for the tag. Stay tuned.

spey style.jpg

Hook - Size 3 salmon
Tag - Medium silver oval tinsel
Tail - GP crest and gp tippet
Body - Hares ear dub
Rib - Medium gold oval tinsel
Hackle - Gray spey hackle
Throat - Mallard flank
Wing - Medium bronze mallard
Head - Black thread and Loon UV cure