Steelhead Caddis


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Steelhead Caddis

While I'm making a mess of the house spinning and clipping deer hair...I thought I'd give this pattern a try. One originated by famed Biologist, Author, and Conservationist..... Mr. Bill McMillan. Bill is a Steelhead O.G.

bill mcmillan.jpg

In his classic book, Dry Line Steelhead and Other Subjects (1987), he shares more than a decade of his life work and experiences working with and fishing for Steelhead in the PNW.


From Todd Hirano's Blog (Dry Line Steelhead Oregon):

In the book Dry Line Steelhead, Bill McMillan spoke of taking steelhead consistently on Muddlers in the early seventies. By the mid seventies, Bill decided to try tying a sparse muddler like fly to imitate October caddis and his Steelhead Caddis was the result. Bill described that the Steelhead Caddis was the fly that gave him confidence to fish surface flies anytime during the year, even during winter. He found that he was able to raise winter steelhead to the surface with the Steelhead caddis and that anytime water temps reached 44 degrees, that surface methods were well worth a fair trial. Bill also found that anytime water temps were 48 degress or above, that surface methods took more steelhead than any other methods. The Steelhead Caddis was the primany stimulus for Bill's broadened confidence in fishing for steelhead on the surface.

The picture above was taken while Todd was visiting with Bill at his home in WA.

Here are a few. Orange, black and green body variations with a bonus Lemire Thompson River Caddis, using ringneck pheasant green almond feather from the rump for the wing.

steelhead caddis.jpg

Hook - #8 Light Wire Salmon
Body - Orange / Olive / Black angora dub
Rib (I added this) - Small oval tinsel
Wing - Turkey wing slips tented
Collar / Head - Single clump of deer body hair spun and clipped at head
Thread - Red
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