Streamer Swap - Round One - Fall, 2013


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Merrimac, MA
Here are the pics and recipes for the flies that were part of the Streamer Swap - Round One:

Hardyreels - Light Spruce

Hook: #8 streamer
Thread: Black
Tail: Three peacock sword fibers
Body: Red floss or silk for 2/3 of the hook shank with the front 1/3 peacock herls wound three thick
Wing: A matched pair of golden edged badger saddle hackles
Collar: A golden edged badger hackle wound 4 or 5 turns and tied back as you finish the head

Bookfieldangler - Simple Sculpin

Hook: TMC 5263 #6, 3xl, 2xh
Thread: UTC 140 matching color
Tail: Olive barred rabbit strip.
Body: Olive cactus chenille with remaining tail strip tied over the top (think zonker fly)
Head/thorax: EP Tarantula Hairy Legs Brush 1" Wide Sculpin

Ia trouter - Woolly Bugger

Hook: #8 Nymph-Streamer, 2xl
Head: 4mm Bead, brass or tungsten
Body: Medium Black Chenille
Tail: Marabou, Black and Olive mixed
Rib: Gold wire
Hackle: Black hen hackle

mcnerney - Barr’s Slumpbuster

Hook: Dai-Riki 730-C, #10
Thread: Dark Brown UTC 70
Cone Head: Brass, size small
Body: Diamond Braid Holographic Gold
Ribbing: Gold wire, size small
Wing/thorax: Zonked Pine Squirrel, tan

s fontinalis - Black Ghost

Hook: Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Carrie Stevens Streamer size 4, 8xl
Tail: Yellow schlappen fibers
Rib: Silver tinsel
Body: Black wool
Throat: Yellow schlappen, wound full, then tied down
Wing: 2 White hackles (Whiting American saddle)
Cheeks: Jungle Cock
Head: Black

baseman1 - No Name Streamer

Hook: Mustad Streamer hook #8, 8xl
Body: Flash thread, silver or green
Tail: Yellow feather
Throat: Pink Feather
First wing: Green-Blue feather
Second wing: Purple Feather
Head: Black thread

gatortransplant - No Name Streamer

Beadchain eyes and lead-wrapped hook shank
Tail and back: Rabbit zonker, barred
Body: Estaz, palmered
Flash: Polar chenille, palmered
Under-collar: Hen neck
Collar: Arctic fox

Chased - Bunny Muddler

Hook: Mustad 9674, #2
Body: Sparkle braid, pearl
Tail: UV2 Rabbit strip, olive
Head: Deer hair, spun
Collar: Guinea hackle, strung

mudbug - Bendback Streamer

Hook: Orvis 8810 1/0 (same as a Diachi 2720 and Mustad 37187)
Thread: Danville 210 denier, white and olive
Body: Diamond Braid, pearl
Win: Bucktail in White, Chartreuse and Olive
Eyes: I think these are 2.5mm

theboz - Black Beauty Dace

Hook: Streamer, #4
Thread: Ultra Thread, 70 dernier, black
Rib: Tinsel, pearl, flat, medium
Tag: Uni-stretch, hot pink, 1x
Collar: Unit-stretch, hot pink, 1x
Wing: Black squirrel tail over pearl flashabou over white Craft Fur

Biggie_robs - Hotcore Baitfish

Hook: Gamakatsu SC15, size 1
Thread: Danville Mono Thread, .006 "fine"
Tail: SF flash blend, white
Hotcore: Iceabou, Hot Orange, tied in "hollow style" and pushed back with a ballpoint pen tube.
The chest, sides, and back are tied in "hollow style" and pulled back at the same time with your hands (no tube).
Chest: Ice Fur, Sliver Tan Super Gotcha
Sides: SF flash blend, wild olive
Back: Iceabou, dark olive
Eyes: Holograph eyes, various colors (attached w/Zap-a-Gap)

Pocono - Kennebago Smelt
Hook: Daiichi 2340, 6xl, #8
Thread: Danville FlyMaster, 6/0, black
Body: Tinsel, flat, silver
Throat: Hen hackle, yellow; over Bucktail, white
Wing: Saddle hackles (2) black; over Bucktail, blue and red
Topping: Peacock herl