Streamer Swap - Round Two - Fall, 2013


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Merrimac, MA
Here are the pics and recipes for the patterns that were in the Streamer Swap - Round Two:

Random User - Muddler Minnow

Hook: Mustad 9672, 3xl, Streamer, #6
Thread: 6/0 and kevlar for spinning
Tail: Matched pair of mottled turkey quill slips
Body: nHolographic gold Mylar tinsel
Under Wing: Grey squirrel tail flanked by two stands of fine holographic gold mylar tinsel on each side
Wing: Matched pair of mottled turkey quill slips
Throat: Ostrich herl dyed red, over-wrapping the butts of the under wing and wing
Collar: Tips of deer hair tied in at a body length and spun over the top 1/2 to 3/4 of the shank
Head: Deer hair with the tips and really hollow section near the butts trimmed off spun around shank and clipped to shape

Calftail - Algoma streamer

Hook: Allen S-104, #6 streamer
Thread: Danville Flymaster 6/0, black
Tag: Tinsel, oval, silver, med
Tail: Amherst Pheasant tail feathers
Body: Deer hair, spun and clipped
Wing: Bucktail, natural brown and white
Rib: French tinsel, oval, silver
Collar: Rooster neck hackle; coachman brown

Theboz - Bunny Leech

Hook: Streamer, #4
Thread: Ultra thread, #70, black
Tail: Rabbit strip, black
Body: Rabbit strip, black (palmered)
Head: Fish skull, small

Liphookedau - Marabou Tailed Coachman
Hook: Mustard Limerick, #8
Thread: 6/0, black
Rib: Tinsel, silver
Body: Peacock herl
Wings: Synthetic fur, white

Jimmie - J Fair’s Wiggle Tail

Hook: TMC 2487, #10
Thread: 6/0, black
Weight: Lead wire, .015 (10 wraps)
Tail: J Fair Marabou, burnt orange
Body: J Fair short shuck, glimmer medium orange
Hackle: Grizzly, dyed burnt orange

Ghocevar - No-name White Bugger

Hook: Streamer, #8
Head: Cone-head, silver, small
Body: Enrico Puglisis’s Tranantula hairy legs brush, white
Collar: Dubbing, Spirit River UV hot orange
Tail: Marabou, white
Flash: Hairline Krystal Flash, black
Hackle: Guinea fowl, dyed orange

mbchilton - Woolly Bugger

Hook: #2 4xl Streamer
Thread: 6/0 black
Wire: .25 lead free
Tail: Black Strung Marabou
Body: Black Chenille
Hackle: Black Whiting Bugger

bear 007 - Yellow Marabou Special

Hook: Mustad 79580, #4
Thread: Black
Body: Tinsel, silver
Rib: Tinsel, oval, silver
Wing: Marabou, yellow, over bucktail, sparse red, over bucktail, sparse white
Topping: Silver pheasant crest
Throat: Hackle, red
Head: Black with painted eyes (white with black pupils)

bear 007 - Soft Hackle Green Butt

Hook: Daiichi 2220, #6
Thread: Black
Tag: Chartreuse Uni Flex
Rib: Tinsel, oval, silver
Body: Rabbit, black spun in a loop with palmered black iridescent wood duck
Hackle: Widgeon wing cover feather

gr8outdoorz - Rouse’s Poodle

Rear Hook:
Hook - Gamakatsu B10s stinger #4
Thread - UTC 210 denier (color to match) olive on these
Tail - Arctic Fox (olive on these) I also use brown, black, & white
Body - Eztaz (color to match) I use olive, chartreuse, black, brown, & white; all with success.

Connector Loop:
20lb Mono with red craft beads.

Front Hook:
Hook - Gamakatsu B10s stinger #2
Eyes - Lead dumbell (small)
Thread - UTC 210denier (color to match) olive on these
Body - Eztaz (color to match rear hook) olive, chartreuse, black, brown, or white
Collar - Arctic Fox (olive, black, brown, or white)
Head - Eztaz (color to batch body)

s fontinalis - Sweeny Todd - EH Variant

Hook: Dai Riki 703 size 10
Body: 2/3 black wool, 1/3 pink ice dub
Rib: Fine silver wire
Throat: Red Fox fur
Wing: Silver fox underfur, dyed black

baseman1 - Blue Charm (low water version)

Hook: Size 8 xl streamer Mustad
Body: Black 6/0 Uni
Tail: Yellow feather (left long so everyone can trim to their liking)
Rib: Silver flash thread
Throat: Blue feather
Wing: Brown feather
Head: Black 6/0 Uni