Summer 2021


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Looking to take a trip to the Gowganda area in Ontario in 2021, getting fed up with being lockup at home due to COVID. Was planning on finding a place to camp in my travel trailer for maybe a month or two to relax and do some fishing. I've got a one man inflatable with a 2.5 hp Yamaha motor, outfitted with a Garmin fish finder for getting out on the lakes. I'd be going after Pike, Pickerel and Lake Trout though being the middle of summer the Lake Trout would be fairly deep making them harder to catch. Would like to try some trout fishing on some of the rivers but not sure how that may pan out, not sure of the likelihood of being able to find trout in the area. Has anyone fished that area of the country that might be able to give me some pointers on what/how to approach it, any recommendations..?

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Hey cdnred. I know the area pretty well. Pike and bass fishing is great around there almost every lake has them as well as pickerel. Just know that 10 lb pike and 5 pound bass and pickerel are pretty common. The pickerel can be a bit tricky to catch on a fly rod but it is possible. You can get the stocking charts from the mnr as well and find most lakes that have trout with a map pretty easily. Call some lodges they might even have some spots with electricity and point you in the right direction for some great fishing. From my experience the trout rivers are pretty hard to access and most rivers have pike bass and pickerel. Good luck it’s a great place and I’m sure you’ll hook into a few.