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Summer Violet

You guessed it...another Mike Kinney pattern. Similar profile and composition as the others previously shared with a dash of peacock. Mike is known for several other patterns. Most notably the Skagit Minnow and the Reverse Spider, a popular PNW Searun Cutthroat fly.

Mike isn't just a great fly tyer, guide and another pretty face..... he worked with Bob Meiser in the development of his legendary MKS (now MKX) series of Spey rods. This an excerpt from an article I found written by Kait Samsel "Guilty Pleasure: Robert Meiser builds ’em stiff in the tip with junk in the trunk"...I saved Ard from falling out of his lazy boy and edited the naughty words out. 😫 Still a great read.

The Mike Kinney Specials … The MKX rods:


The MKX rods have derived from the original MKS rods. This series of rods are named after Mike Kinney “The Mike Kinney Special.” Bob shared a booth with Paul Miller, Kate Davidson and Bob Quigley at the Seattle Fly Fishing show in 2002 Mike Kinney was in the booth door. Bob describes him as a “grumpy motherf'r with a heart of gold”. Mike gave Bob kind strife about his switch rods. Bob laughed and understood his comment because very few two handed rods were less then 13′ at this time.. Needless to say Mike’s gritty wit and Bob’s sense of humor hit it off. Mike would go on to tell Bob that he “liked the way his rods looked far more than the way they cast.” From then on he and Mike were bonded and started working together.

After the show was over, Mike and Bob cobbled together a couple of prototype actions until they got an action that was close to Mike’s approval. From this original benchmark, Bob designed several prototypes meeting that criteria, and sent them off to Mike. He liked the rods but continued critiquing them until they were exactly up to standard. Thus, the MKS or Mike Kinney Special was created. These rods were an immediate success, and basically put R.B. Meiser Rods on the map. Still to this day, Bob will send off a representation of the newest generation of the MKS rods off to Mike for him to fish.

They are a bad @ss stick.

Summer Violet.jpg

Hook - Blue Heron #2
Body - Purple angora dub
Rib - Large pearl mylar tinsel and small silver oval tinsel
Hackle - Purple schlappen
Throat - Purple ringneck flank and peacock body
Wing - Purple ringneck flank
Topping - Peacock herl
Head - Black thread and Loon UV cure