Tackle collections big and small wanted

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Not all of the tackle collections we buy are huge.

The selection here just arrived and has a good mix of fly and other tackle that is always popular with our buyers. Reels include a Hardy Angel 4/5, Hardy St George LHW in black finish, and Ultralite 2000 in smaller line sizes. Assorted budget large arbor fly reels and a fine collection of approx. 20 fly boxes by Wheatley and Orvis will find new homes shortly.

My pick of the crop is the Grice and Young Avon Royal Supreme trotting reel. It’s in as-new condition with leaflets, tags, and makers original box. These have a strong following here in the UK where they are made, but also in the USA, Canada, and Europe, used for a variety of species.

They are robust, hardly ever develop a fault and offer excellent value for money especially against some of the new pins that can retail over £1000. With classic looks and engineering, modern performance these are a collector’s dream new in box.

We are always happy to look at any collection large or small. Condition is always key, and even budget reels in mint condition can find buyers worldwide.

It’s always the right time to drop us a line with the spare tackle you have. Turn it into even more spare tackle, or increase your bank balance today.

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