The 'Snap-T' Cast


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Yeah I actually had Edwardo untwist my running line on my rod and show me how to do it. I wasn't sure what you meant Flav.

I use single spey quite a bit as well, its just easier, These light modern skagit heads have me fishing Scandit style Dave Pinczkowski `s word, I cant take credit for that.

Snap T in a way is something that I do the least of, unless I am using a full skagit line and really heavy sink tip and heavy streamer or intruder style shank fly.

With new lines, tube flies and capabilities of rods, skagit has changed for me quite a bit from the beginning, more of a hybrid style Dave was right watching me cast, Scandit is my thing on shorter rods and long scandi is my favorite on a spey rod.
It's interesting how one finds their groove in a array of casts that can all get the job done.
I just came off the water and in the beginning a snap C or circle C was in high rotation of my casting methods.

These days I find myself preferring a Snake roll to Perry Poke either left or right shoulder.
Interesting enough if I do a snap cast it's not a T but I would call it a snap I.
Where I snap the line in the sweep into a Perry Poke anchor position and then launch.

Perhaps the shorter heads and rods I fish makes it possible to do this kinds of hybrid casts.