Trouble With Your Membership Account?

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Wasilla / Skwentna, Alaska
Posting to General discussion because I want this to be seen widely.

Recently a member with over 150 posts with us experienced an e-mail hack on his personal e-mail account.

Said member chose to simply open a second membership account with the forum using his 'new' e-mail service and changing his user name slightly.

The result was that he posted to classifieds and his account showed 4 posts.

The Classified listing was deleted under the 50 post rule we enforce.

Long story short is........... After approximately 10 minutes of my time spent messaging and then half an hour sorting out multiple accounts in our membership files I restored the members original account.

If anything similar were to happen to you please contact us about your issue. Do not open a new account and then hope that your post history can be salvaged, it can get confusing on my end.

You can contact either Larry or me about issues. If your e-mail were hacked you can still contact us and if you provide the new e-mail we can enter it to your account.

In most cases you can still access your profile even if you have e-mail problems and then Edit your contact details yourself.

Hopefully this won't happen to you.
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