Truckee, CA. 2021


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Truckee, CA.
We have one more low pressure influnce coming, could be spring.
The snow pack may do a flash and sweet due to very warm days, and warming nights. My official start of Spring, is hearing snow melting and dripping at night.
Not there yet....But, the Robin's just showed up!
Game on...
The skwalla are flying because it's warm enough to make rapid muscle movement at noon..
That means Ants are on the move, and so they are on the menu too.
No Ants flyin yet, but I would say, Tye or buy....the Carpenter Ant is the next big bug on deck. If I was to call it....2 weeks....
Fish now is my advise.
Later this summer will be low flows and spooky fish.

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I'm new to these forums, but no stranger to forums from the dark ages. I'd ask this question via private message, but it appears the powers that be think I'm an evil bot and require me to post 5,391 times before given access to such a feature.

For the sake of not tickling the search engines... is it ever worth fishing the small feeder creek to the T (the one that continues on up to the ski area made famous by an Olympic event)? I love small feeders... but it's definitely hit or miss.

Thanks for the recon. I spend my warmer months fishing the Stan as it's a little bit closer to home, my trips to the Truckee area are generally fueled by the ol' skiers cocaine.