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This morning I got out for quick session and reminded myself to try this cast because I was on river right.

It's a interesting cast. A combo of double spey and high and slow but you're throwing a bit of energy into the D- loop.
Most of the time when I try a new cast it ends up being ok that works but it's a variation to a cast that loads the rod with similar energy.

This cast does give the D-loop a boost. It felt similar to shooting line on a single handed backcast.
Your rod is pretty much stopped in the firing position and your putting the D-loop energy into a stopped rod. When you come forward the energy is going deep into the blank. I even think it's easier to get the timing right over a standard double spey cast.

There is a more advanced version of this cast where you don't go into the double spey flop but instead you bring the rod across your back left shoulder and your anchor is placed behind you and then go into a similar sweep. This cast is easier to setup because it's hard to screw up the double spey anchor flop.

Try it out and have fun.
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I watched that video several times, trying to figure out what sort of advantage you'd get from starting your sweep halfway up instead of starting just above the water level. It took a few viewings, but then I saw it. That's something I've done occasionally, when conditions call for it, and it works well at getting you a nice tight D loop and a lot of power. I also do something similar with my SH rod, only starting low and finishing low, which gives you a tight, highly energized D loop that shoots along the water's surface and under the wind.
I have to thank you for posting that video, too. In my explorations of that cast on YouTube I discovered Simon G. making what he calls a double Spey with a 45 degree sweep or something like that (Rio how to improve your double spey). It's basically a double with a poke instead of a full sweep. I think I've been doing that cast unconsciously for years, but it looks great and I plan on using it (consciously) next time I'm out. I love the poke (dump), and use it often both single hand and two handed, scandi and longer belly lines (I don't use Skagit much).
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Seems lake lifting the rod high, then dropping a loop in front almost gives the same effect as a perry poke...will have to give it a try.