Tubes for Kings;


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Wasilla / Skwentna, Alaska
Three different versions of the proven combo of colors and materials. I'm scaling the size down a bot to produce a better casting fly. This fly and variants tied on hooks & tubes represents the only pattern / recipe I've used for kings for 11 seasons and counting.

The pronounced top wing acts as a dorsal for them and they will swim white wing up and of course look a whole lot different in use.

One is un-weighted with all marabou save for some saddle hackles wound on as props for the marabou. guess the disc will make it sink.....

That one will do some pulsing I bet :)

This has a genuine Mountain Goat wing, first time with this hair so I'll see how it works. Weight is a Pro Bullet weight hidden under all that fluff.

This has a Flexi Weight on the tube with materials tied right over it so will be a sinker like the Goat wing job. Wing here is Arctic Fox.

I'll probably only make 2 or 3 more as I have about a dozen in different builds and Zero clients this June. Not really a bad thing because if it doesn't flood with run off you're gonna see some fish pictures of these flies ;)

If you are viewing from the PNW I can tell you the flies work in BC. & Oregon because I've sent them there and received feedback on them.