Turn right at the Russian T40 tank

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It’s not a sentence I’ve heard before, but it signalled the start of an eventful day.

Heading down to Hereford’s famous Red Lion hotel for a Thomas Turner annual team meeting I decided to take in a call on the way. Our client had “a lot of tackle” and whilst excited at the buying opportunity, I’m always surprised at what “a lot” can mean.

Turning right after the T40 tank, past the soldier in the bushes and down a very long twisty and narrow lane, a couple of lefts and rights and I’m there, bang on time ish!

Initially not seeing a great deal, I ask where the volume is and am told “look up”.

Yikes, the entire roof space above my head was racked out and the collection was extensive.

It didn’t end there. Piles of reel cases were produced, (for the next visit) and so we set about having a deal on the salmon and trout fly rods to get the ball rolling. Makers include Hardy, Sage, Bruce & Walker, Orvis, Thomas & Thomas, Bloke, Daiwa. You name it, it’s in there.

I have always said, if you collect one thing, you could collect anything.

A quick educational tour around the vintage wooden handsaw collection had me thinking – what I have been missing all my life?

Back to the rods, deal done, money paid, car filled yet still we need more. With Black Friday looming shortly followed by Christmas we need mint to unused tackle, rods, reels, and accessories suitable for the festive season gift market. Get in touch, email or call me with what you have and let’s talk tackle.

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