Ward's Wasp


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Ward's Wasp

Another interesting pattern and story worth sharing. I originally saw the pattern on Facebook or Instagram...I can't remember. Regardless, I liked it and saved it to my hard drive. Upon further research, the origin of the fly led me to Trey Comb's Steelhead Fly Fishing (1991). In his chapter describing the early years of fishing on the Clearwater....Trey recounts a fly known as Ward's Wasp gaining favor there.

The pattern was from Ed Ward. Not the Ed Ward of Skagit and Intruder fame....but the husband of Jane Wyatt, most famous for her role as the mother on the hit TV show Father Knows Best. For those that are too young (like me) to remember her in that role.....she also played Spock's Mother in the original Star Trek series and which she later reprises in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. This would be her final movie appearance.

spock's mom - jane wyatt.jpg

Back to Ed.......he was a professional Tennis Pro and later an Investment Broker. They met in the late 1920s while both were weekend house guests of Franklin D. Roosevelt in Hyde Park, NY. They were married for 65 years.

Ed learned of the Clearwater from Ted Trueblood who was Associate Editor at Field and Stream magazine. Flies such as the Skykomish Sunrise, Golden Demon, Skunk, Purple Peril and the Juicy Bug were popular early patterns of the day...

To me, this pattern really stands out as a winner. I hope to give her a swim later this summer in OR or this fall in NY.

ed wards wasp - mgm.jpg

Hook - Blue Heron #3
Tip - Small silver oval tinsel
Tag - Yellow and black floss
Tail - GP tippets
Body - Yellow and black wool yarn
Rib - Medium silver oval tinsel
Hackle - Yellow schlappen
Wing - Fox squirrel tail
Sides - JC
Head - Red thread and Loov UV cure

If the fly doesn't interest you, you've never heard of Fathers Knows Best or Star Trek...well then...... I'm sorry, there's no hope for you.
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