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Daytona Beach, Florida

Whopper Flopper (mullet)

Hook: Mustad 3407, 2/0

Thread: Monocord 3/0 white, Uni-thread 6/0 black

Tail: Krystal Flash, pearl/Micro-marabou, grizzly/Standard estaz, pearl

Tail support: 278lb stainless leader wire

Prop: 1/4" lightweight bead, silver/Large propeller, nickel/5/32" lightweight bead, silver

Spacer: Body Braid, red

Back: Closed cell craft foam, 2mm, black and gray

Body: Standard estaz, pearl

Eyes: 3D molded 5/16", yellow

Head: Clear Cure Goo, thick

The Whopper Plopper has been one of my most effective conventional tackle topwater lures for redfish, snook, and trout since last fall. So the goal tonight was to create a version to throw on the long rod (hence the "fl-opper" vs "plopper" nomenclature). Early testing shows a good commotion on a strong strip, and a lower buzz on a longer rod sweep. Might try to sneak out to a snook hotspot for a real world test.