When the leaves start to fall...

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south Alabama
Good afternoon to all-
Up in the hills of the Ozarks in about a month when nights start to cool off and folks start to build fires to take the chill off in the evening, there's a wonderful thing that happens. The big old sycamore trees that grow along the creeks will start dropping their big, broad leaves and these leaves will fly down to the creek and then float down current until they soak up enough water to sink.
The creeks and streams will be running low and slow from lack of rain, but the springs will keep the flows going and the fish will still be there, and they will still bite. And those golden-brown creek smallmouth bass will feed up for the coming starvation time of cold winter.
Early in the morning a yellow popping bug dropped into shade where trees overhang the creeks will not float long before a smallmouth will come out and blast it. That's always fun, but during the day when the sun gets higher, you'll have to go about things differently. Cast a smallish- say two-inch long- streamer pattern in orange and brown or black and bring it back slowly toward one of those big floating sycamore leaves. When the fly reaches the leaf, just let that fly sink at its own rate of speed.
I'll bet you a dollar that most times you do this there will be a swirl and a very strong pull, and that one of the creek's pound to pound and a half smallmouth bass will put a smile on your face. Let that bass get into the main current, and on a light fly rod, you'll have a true tussle on your hands.
But I think you'll still be smiling.

You all be safe and keep well-

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