White Winged Goura


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White Winged Goura

I flipped open Hardy's Salmon Flies this afternoon and this was the first fly I saw. They describe a set of six flies (Blue Goura, White-Winged Goura, Winifred, Vera, Memoir, and Snow Fly) that was introduced in the 1903 Hardy catalogue. These are 'Kelson's New Salmon Flies".....that he first details in a 1902 edition of The Field.

Goura is the genus of birds commonly known as a crowned pigeon. Found only in New Guinea and the surrounding islands.....it truly is a majestic bird.

victoria crowned pigeon.jpg

I opted for subs.....

white winged goura.jpg

Hook - 2/0 Blind eye w/ 30# dacron loop
Tip - Small silver oval tinsel
Tag - Red floss
Tail - Red gp breast feather topped with a ringneck pheasant neck feather dyed orange
Butt - Black ostrich herl
Body - Yellow, light blue and red dubbing
Ribbing - Large silver flat tinsel
Hackle - BEP (one side stripped)
Throat - Red gp breast feather
Wing - White swan
Head - Black thread and Loon UV cure