Win/Win: Beautiful Centric Outfit For A Worthy Cause


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Many of us on this forum gladly support Trout Unlimited and their mission to "conserve, protect, and restore North America's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds." In the mail today arrived a packet from TU promoting their annual Life Membership drive. And this year, they are offering the most beautiful Scott Centric 905/4 that I have laid eyes on. No red thread wraps or odd color schemes on this special edition rod, but rather more traditional and eloquent aesthetics.

Additionally, a special addition matching Cheeky Launch 350 reel is paired with the rod featuring an engraved TU logo. (I'm not a big Cheeky reel fan, but this one does look nice and complimentary.) Finally, also included are SA Amplitude Infinity fly line, Cheeky backing, and a custom Wingo reel case.

Check it out on the TU website: Exclusive Offer for TU Life Members | Trout Unlimited Donation Site