Winston Bamboo Shop is Open!


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Well, this puts the kabob on a thoughtful philosophical and historical thread but, OK. mka, I look forward to your photographing a glowing new Winston cane on one of your mountain creeks. I too used to fish a factory cane in such habitats very happily, a T&T 7 1/2' Hendrickson back in the 70's. But as redietz points out, I've gone over to the dark side of plastic.
That big anniversary date is three years off...I'm sure they will have perfect harmony with SOPs in the new shop by then:)


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After 300+ days on the water with 490 One, I got tired of looking at the ugly darn thing, though what a performer it is.

Browsing on the Sweetgrass website, a couple available Mantra rods caught my attention. I called and in one ring Chris answered and told me the rods were indeed available. I had a couple questions about the differences in performance of the rods in question and she told me to hold on a sec and she would put Glenn on the phone. What?? No way!! (In my past life in the Southern California restaurant business I encountered many A List actors, musicians and athletes and never gave them a thought--they were just guests like any other--but Glenn Brackett!!)

A brief conversation with that fine gentleman and I selected the 7'9" #4 Quad. Would you like a deposit? Nope, we just need a couple weeks to finish her up and we will give you a call. Fast forward the two weeks and I drive over the mountain to Butte, shake Glenn Brackett's hand and exchange cash for a work of art fly rod.

At the same time I was also emailing Chris Carlin about an unfished rod of his design and making that was available on the secondary market. He confirmed that it was as advertised, an 8'3" 2/2 Splice Joint Hollow Rectangle Tip Quad #5.

I now have two aesthetically stunning masterpiece bamboo rods from top notch designer/makers that I have no doubt will perform well enough for me to keep the graphite tubed. If it weren't -5 right now I would go find out.



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I am a little late to the party but so be it. Why is it that every thread on current Winston bamboo regardless of which forum posted on morphs into a Sweetgrass thread with high accolades on their products. I'm curious as to whether those critical of the current rods out of the Winston shop have even fished any of them.

Winston came out of the split on the short end in the court of public opinion.
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