years ago while in the army


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i was stationed in upstate new york ( i was a sgt ) i was packing my fly rod and vest into my car. i was in street clothes.. and i heard a voice, hey sgt. you fly fish?. i turn around there before me was a 2 star genenal.. i was in street clothes so no need to salute.. but yes sir and no sir, were my answers.. he asked me where i was from, i said s. california, sir.. he said he was raised in this area, and know all the good streams to go to,, he told me a couple nearby.. then asked if i was planning to go next week? yes sir..its summer so great fishing.. so he asked me to make plans to go next week, yes ..sir.. so next week we meet up, i follow him in my car.. got to a nice place suited up, vest, rod, hat, vest... my net is hanging off my vest in the rear.. the net get stuck on a twig.. then it snaps back on me hitting me in the back of the head.. the general turned and laughed.... a few weeks later we went fly fishing again.. guess what happends? the same thing, his net got snagged by a branch, and get hit by his net...... he turns to me and looks at me.. and said.. was that funny sgt?......i sir..... he smiled at me and said.. i thought it was.... great guy