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    Default Fly fishing from a Fishing Kayak ?

    Any of you fly fish from a fishing kayak ? Just wondered what your opinion of these vessels were in relation to fly fishing ?

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    Talking Re: Fly fishing from a Fishing Kayak ?

    I only fished once from a Kayak and it was a Hobi two man sea kayak that my son on Long Island owns. It has the pedal propulsion unit and it was a blast to fish from although we werenít fly fishing. it was easy to use and handled fairly rough water easily. He has used it many many times and says it's a great fishing vessel.
    Kayak fishing is all the rage and they even have fishing tournaments dedicated to fishing from just kayaks so I guess the general opinion out there is they are great. I have a pontoon float boat and would love to move up to a fishing kayak but they are fairly pricy so Iím waiting and hoping they will go down in price.

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    Default Re: Fly fishing from a Fishing Kayak ?

    i got to kayak flyfish out of a very much non fishing sit on top kayak. and it was a blast, very cool challenge and the means of exploring water you normally cant cast. Ive been really looking at the kayaks out there now, having a 14ft day tripping kayak now I know I wont find a fishing kayak as fast, but the jaskson coosa is high on my list for features and reviews.

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    Default Re: Fly fishing from a Fishing Kayak ?

    I am slowly making my kayak a "fishing" kayak.
    I was in a big sporting goods store last summer and they had the "Pelican Pursuit 80" Pelican International inc. on sale for a very good price. My wife commented, "You've been wanting a kayak, you should buy one at that price." With that suggestion from her, and the fact I had more than enough cash in my pocket, I brought one home with me.

    It's capacity is not great (200#), but leaves me room for enough extras for a day trip. I added a fly rod holder and a set of paddle holders. Still haven't decided on the best option for equipment storage, but I think I'll add some eye bolts for bungee cords on the back.

    It's not a true "fishing kayak" but that doesn't stop me from hitting the local lake and some farm ponds with it and my fly rod.

    Got up Sunday morning and the thought hit me I haven't had it out yet this summer. Loaded it in the back of my Ford Ranger (it fits easily in the 6' bed and at 26# is easy to load) and headed for the local lake.

    Fishing wasn't great, but I did manage several nice 'gills along the shorelines that aren't accessible to bank bound anglers. (I've never seen any boaters fishing for much other than bass in that lake)

    One big advantage IMO is the fact it's so light & portable I'm not limited to the one boat launch ramp on the small lake. I can park in any of the parking areas close to the water and just pack it a few yards and toss it in.

    Sunday morning I even had a bank bound angler ask me if I could unhook his lure from a partially submerged tree he had cast too close to. I managed to free his lure and got a big "thanks" for my effort.

    Didn't have my good camera along, but used the cell phone to capture the image of a "typical" bluegill. Not huge (average was around 8"), but fun on the little 6'6" Lamiglas 3wt stick.


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    Default Re: Fly fishing from a Fishing Kayak ?

    I belong to a kayak club in Houston, website Also you can gain information from What most everyone(99%) here use are sit on top kayaks. People here use them fresh water, salt water marshes, bays and off shore. However they are not worth a flip (pun intended) in moderately fash moving water. With the kayak we can fish marshes where no one and I mean no one else can get to.

    My two kayaks are a Wilderness Tarpon 160 that I use the most. I use it in marshes and bays and it is faster paddling due to narrow size(29") and long lenght 16 ft. Often times we paddle 2+ miles just to start fishing. The other is a Ocean Kayak Trident 13 that I use in fresh water and have a depth finder mounted since I'm usually fishing deeper water. The Trident 13 is 13 - 1/2 ft. and 31" wide. Paddles slower but is more stable.

    When fishing from kayak it is highly suggested to tie down or leash everything. has excellent products and I have no interest in the company. I just like the products.

    How I'm getting a pontoon to use on trout lakes and a few rivers I fish in New Mexico, Colorado, and the only trout river in Texas. A pontoon fly fishing is much easier to fish from. Conventional tackle on a kayak is great and is just okay not the best fly fishing since you are setting down at water level. To get an ideal of casting from kayak, just set on the ground with your legs stretched out in front about 8" apart and try casting your fly. All of above is IMHO.
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    Default Re: Fly fishing from a Fishing Kayak ?

    I flyfish out of a non-fishing sit in kayak. its not that hard at all.
    "When you do things right, people wont be sure you've done anything at all."

    Storm Drain Bonefisher

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    Default Re: Fly fishing from a Fishing Kayak ?

    Quote Originally Posted by stl_geoff View Post
    //snip// its not that hard at all.
    QFT. Agreed.

    I have a SOT- sit on top- OK prowler t-11 Prowler 11T Angler | Ocean Kayak

    Mine is the non- angler model (lacking the flush mount rod holders behind the seat and my 'center console' is a little different)

    I don't own any 'conventional gear'-- so the flush mount rod holders are of no use to me.

    I like the SOT style because I often sit side saddle and use my legs as rudders and kick to hold position.

    I've never had issue with being so close to the water's surface-- the one aspect I found fascinating was that underwater structure is a little distorted (in size and location) when your view is refracted from a kayak's vantage-- but once you get used to it-- it never crosses your mind again.

    Casting has never been an issue. The way I see it--from a kayak (they are stealth and quiet-- can get you right into fish without spooking them)-- there is no reason to cast more than 30 or so feet. Your line really shouldn't be dropping on the back cast at this distance. Non-issue or get casting help....

    IMO Fly fishing and a kayak are (as Forrest Gump would say) like peas and carrots. (you heard his voice say that didn't you? )

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    Default Re: Fly fishing from a Fishing Kayak ?

    Its very do-able, but I prefer to use a kayak as a vehicle, rather than a fishing platform.

    I own a canoe as well, and prefer the canoe when I'm going to be fishing from the boat. If I want to move more quickly from point to point and then get out to wade, the kayak is much faster and catches less wind as well.

    If I wanted a fast boat for flat water, I'd get a Tarpon 160. If I wanted a more nimble boat for navigating rivers, the Heritage Angler 10 looks pretty ideal, and only costs $350. The Jackson Coosa appears to be a pretty good combination of the benefits I enjoy from both canoes and kayaks.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: Fly fishing from a Fishing Kayak ?

    I flyfish from my sit on top all the time. Most important piece of advice I can give you is CLEAR THE DECK. The only thing out on that kayak should be you and your flyrod. Rod holders, flyboxes, tools, and everything else that seems to end up on a kayak will just snag flyline or get thrown overboard when you cast .
    The best way to a fisherman's heart is through his fly.

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    Default Re: Fly fishing from a Fishing Kayak ?

    Get a SOT model. Some are stable enough to stand and fish. Some have 2 position seats and one is somewhat elevated. Some are quite seaworthy if you are planning on big water trips. Some are fast and some are very nimble. As in most things there are compromises. Most you have to paddle but a few are peddle power which leaves the hands free for fishing and I understand that mose of those are fairly fast and seaworthy. Expensive too. Just choose your poison.

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