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Thread: Kayak Question

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    Talking Kayak Question

    I'm seriously thinking of buying a kayak as my neighbor up the road just bought one and we are going to start fly fishing local lakes and water sheds (water supply for local towns) so not gas motors allowed. He bought a Old Town 10 foot fishing model and I haven't seen it in action yet but it was $425 with sales tax at Academy Sports.

    I've been doing some research and I have found that I could get on Craigslist a 12 Synergy kayak made by Mad River Canoe that is the fishing model and it's a sit on top type and I can get it for the same price if I act fast. It's in great shape and the user reviews are all positive as you sit lower the most SOT kayaks and it has tons of storage.

    What do you guys think and do you have other recommendations in the less then $600 catagory.

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    You will never regret buying a kayak.
    I've had mine for nearly 20 years and still feel that its the best fishing related purchase that I've ever made. Go for it.
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    Its an awesome investment and you have the right boat. The Synergy is a great fishing platform. The boat also paddles very well and is incredibly stable. I have sold and paddled a few for fly fishing. If you can get a good deal on one jump.
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    I've fished from both my SIS and my SOT. That said, either works well for spin fishing, but with MY 'yaks, the SIS is a much more stable fly-fishing platform. My SOT is more of a "play boat", designed for basic recreational kayaking and is GREAT to play in the surf. It's not designed as a fishing platform.
    - Rick

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    I will offer up this site below. You can find a lot of rewiews on a lot of yaks and canoes before you decide to buy one. If you can't try a few, you can at least see what others said about the few choices you have narrowed down to.

    Kayaking & Canoeing | Kayak, Canoe, and Paddle Resource:

    Just one site of many, I'm sure.

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    I've been kayak fishing from a recreational model SIS kayak (Dagger Zydeco) for 2 years now and am thinking of going SOT in a model that is designed for standing up. Sitting in the kayak has presented a few problems (a) seat is too low for visibility and legs get uncomfortable after hours of not being elevated (b) the deck in front has to be clear of junk to avoid line getting snagged up. I don't like a lot of SOT models cause they're heavy. I'm looking at a Native Tegris. Not a SOT but it's open like a canoe. It's made of ballistic armor and only weighs 36lbs. The seats are way more comfortable than the typical kayak seat (removable also and sit up higher). The thing is expensive tho....

    All that said get a kayak. It will be one of the best investments you'll make for fishing.

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    soon as i get back to Scotland i will be buying a SOT Kayak i have used them alot though neve fished from one and i played with them in the North sea with sudden strroms and i have never fell out put like the SOT to be safe i dont fancy being stuck in a kayak in storm waters lol. They are also far cheaper than a boat and easier to transport.
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    Check out the NuCanoe. I tested one this past weekend. You can not tip it over, it's wider than most kayaks and ZOOMS thur the water. As well adapted for the river as it is for a lake. LOADS of room. LOADS of seat options. It appears to be the best fishing type personal craft I've seen so far.


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    Quote Originally Posted by fly_guy12955 View Post
    Check out the NuCanoe.
    Thanks for reminding me about this one. I think I'll take a look.

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    SOT all the way:
    Ample storage, stand up, sit sidesaddle, virtually unsinkable.

    Stability is the key for a fishing platform.

    Try it out before you buy it!

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