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Thread: kayak setup

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    New guy here on learning fly fishing, but have a bit of experience with yaks. I would fish out of the yak a few times before you add much. I've fished for crappie from my yak via trolling/drifting and shoot some docks as well. Wanting to try the fly fishing from the yak and I have a Ride 115, which can be stood up in but I have not gotten the nerve up yet. Later this year I hope. I've wondered about the fly line in a yak, and how to deal with it, etc.

    My Ride 115 has slide tracks made for attaching rod holders, FF's etc., very easily, and can be removed easily as well. Google is a good friend to have, there are several good yak fishing forums out there, they will give you lots of ideas as well. GL

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    I have a sot kayak,,,shorter model,,10ft,,and I love it for the simpler days fishing on the river.
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    North Carolina Kayak Fishing Association

    I found this website/community. If you are in the area, it seems like a good time. Check out the online tournaments, and rules for each, seems very interesting. I think I may do it, just gotta talk a friend into doing it with me, you know, to split gas with me for when we go!

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    Thanks for the great suggestions guys they have helped a lot. The camelbac idea was a huge difference and honestly I couldn't believe I didn't think of it myself . I got some great pics of the culimation of everyone's suggestions and my own twisted ideas after I figure out how to post them. And sadly I live in Oregon so I won't be able to join that group kayaking but that would be a fun trip. If anyone can help me with posting pictures I have some great pics of a 4lb largemouth I caught off my yak, first fish I caught on it to

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    Quote Originally Posted by maven909 View Post
    If anyone can help me with posting pictures I have some great pics of a 4lb largemouth I caught off my yak, first fish I caught on it to
    A Few Tips For Posting Pictures To The Forums;
    Basically you need to upload your pictures to any hosting site like PhotoBucket or even Facebook and then copy and paste using the icon above the message box
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