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Thread: kayak setup

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    So i am still pritty new to fly fishing, but the more i fish i find myself hindered by areas to fist without getting cause up in brush. So i went out and bought a kayak hoping to fix that problem. Now i realuze i have no idea how to set my kayak up for fishing. I was hoping for any pointers that i might be able to get. I primary fish for bass, bluegill and crappie

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    Default Re: kayak setup

    First of all, welcome to the board.

    Secondly, when rigging a kayak for fly fishing, think minimalist. Anything you put in the kayak is something that the fly line will find a way to wrap around. Trust me on this one.

    You'll want a good paddle, carbon fiber is a good choice. You'd be surprised at the difference a few pounds will make after a days worth of paddling. Other than that, just pack your rod(s), flies and minimal tackle, cooler with beverage of choice, and that should about do it for what you'll be targeting. The only other thing you might want if you decide to chase bigger things is a folding net (folding so that you can keep it out of the way and reduce the amount of times your fly line will wrap around it).

    I'm itching for the warm water season to get here. My kayak has been hung up in the garage for almost 5 months now. Way too long.

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    Default Re: kayak setup

    Ted speaks the truth. If you are only fly fishing, you don't need much-- nothing more than what you'd normally take with you. Less is better.

    You probably aren't thinking in these terms as 'setting up', but a good seat is a must. A good seat will mean the difference between an hour on the water and several hours or even several days in a row (such as a fishing trip).

    I don't necessarily agree with the paddle suggestion. I will say that lighter is better, but (for me) the paddle is only in hand when I am getting to a spot. the rest of the time, the rod is in my hand. (If I had to estimate, maybe paddling 30-40% of the time I'm on the water.) The rest is drifting, or floating. I think that money is better spent on a good seat. (if money is no concern, then go all out on everything)

    If you fish both fly and spin/ cast, etc. I fish with guys who use a milk crate type box in the back. They will zip tie lengths of pvc tubing to the box for multiple rod storage. The down side is they stand straight up-- which limits some of the tight spots that you can get into-- need to stay aware of whats above you. The box is storage for tackle boxes, and such.

    (Flame suit on-- I know I will take heat for this) I don't always wear a life jacket, but always have one in the bow hatch of the boat. you will need PFD on any body of water you go on. figure this into the cost. Small/Still water-- don't wear it, moving water or bigger water with bigger boats, always wear it.

    there's more that I could type, but will let others chime in. always good for a few different opinions.

    //EDIT// I re-read your post--- when you say you are getting caught up in brush, do you mean during your casting? A kayak is an awesome way to explore water and fish water, but it shouldn't be a substitute for good casting fundamentals.

    There are ways to cast around trees and brush and not get hung up (it's bound to happen, but with experience you can keep the tangles to a minimum.). Much of staying out of them is just knowing where your back cast is and what it is doing. I know this sounds vague, but it will become second nature as you cast more. without thinking about it, I will use a 'steeple cast' when I need to (for bushy stuff on the ground), a side arm cast will keep you out of most of the higher hanging stuff, and a roll cast will keep you out of about all of the stuff....
    He who loses key to girlfriend's apartment gets no new key. ~Confucius

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    Default Re: kayak setup

    I don't don't have my 'yak all tricked out either.
    I just carry my rod, a tackle bag, and a bottle of water

    For a tackle bag, I use one of these map cases attached to the front rigging

    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: kayak setup

    I just got a yak also so I can't give any knowledgeable advise. I intend to start by wearing a PFD. I appears that one should have a leash of somesort so if you become unattached to the paddle you will be able to retrieve it. I will be difficult to move around without a paddle. It might be a good idea to have a leash on the rod as well but that seems awkward. I do believe that one needs a way to hold the paddle on the yak when not in use and the same for the rod. Good sunglasses and protection for other parts of the body as well. In warm weather I like to wear the nylon garments such as made by Columbia and Magelan. At the very least you must have water with you. I intend to lash a small cooler on the back with 2 or 3 bottles of water that are frozen and at least one that is not frozen. Room for a sandwich or 2 would be great for a long day. Gloves of some sort may be in order depending on the weather and where you are located at the time. The above is where I am starting. I will adjust as needed.

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    Thanks for the great tips. I have seen the milkcrate trick on a youtube channel. Ithought it was a great idea but i like to cooler behind me for drinks and what not. I was talking about getting caught in the brush when walking. I have learned afew different casts that could fix the problem but most of my target areas require a stonger overhand cast. I love the map holder i have recently looked into topography maps of the lakes i fish and that would be perfect. Overall im trying to get my kayak together to do a two day float down the john day river

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    Default Re: kayak setup

    Might I suggest a Camelback system for water/beverage of choice. It eliminates the need for a cooler, unless you bring snacks. But I have a lot of little things on my kayak that just make things easier, without being in the way. I have some Velcro superglued to the side, not the underside, that I use to hold my rod out of the way when Im paddling. I have a very basic kayak I bought from Dick's on sale for like $150 bucks so the seat needed work too. I can vouch for the rod leash, I had a friend tip in some rapids, and lost his setup, at like the halfway point of the float...not fun! What helps with storage to, is wearing a vest, I always bring my fishing vest, keeps the kayak empty.
    The more you fish from a kayak, the more ideas you will get on how to streamline the process. Every time I go, I think of something new.

    Good Luck

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    Default Re: kayak setup

    1st rule of fly kayaking: Buy a float tube instead.

    Just kidding, kinda. I love my float tube but a kayak would be a welcome addition for those big open ponds and lakes.

    And, although I don't have a yak, I can DEFINITELY say that the line WILL find a way to wrap itself around anything. Be sure that your yak doesn't have anything protruding from the bottom either. My line once got stuck on a D ring on the bottom of my tube (as I floated over it) and I nearly fell out of the thing trying to reach under to free it. Maybe even a stripping basket to hang off the side of the yak would be a good idea.

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    Default Re: kayak setup

    figured i would jump in on this and give my input being im a member of kayakbassfishing.. now when i went to pick out my third kayak i simply looked for one with the flattest and cleanest floor. the native slayer is what i ended up with and i couldn't be happier. my line hasnt got caught on anything yet but im a minimalist ( kinda ). rod holders and such will get in the way when your paddling anyhow so those i stick behind my seat. on my yak i can stand all day long and cast just fine or sit in 2 different postions and cast. i in fact love kayak fishing way more then off a boat. i can get into areas that others cant and it great for my local big lakes and ponds. i love kayak fishing specially with a flyrod.

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    Default Re: kayak setup

    Here's a short video of my attack yak... ALL THE CAMO PAINT CAME OFF!!!

    [ame=]Outfitting my Fishing Kayak - YouTube[/ame]

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