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    Default Re: kayak, float tube or pontoon

    I've paddled one, never fished from it, but the Nu Canoe Frontier 12 is an awesome canoe/kayak hybrid. swivel seats that sit you slightly higher were you can see important things. Might be the best of both worlds. I don't think you can tip these Nu Canoes if you wanted to and lots more utilty room than a kayak.

    Jacksons are pretty awesome too for a kayak.

    It's just,,I have a sot kayak and find it disappointing as a fly fishing platform.

    For a second craft, if I can recoup some of my kayak money I'm gonna purchase one of the Frontier 12 Nu Canoes,,with the swivel seat and fly fishing lean support for standing and casting. They have one model designed precisely FOR fly fishing.
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    Default Re: kayak, float tube or pontoon


    I have owned the NuCanoe classic and the recent Frontier. Both are super stable and extremely hard to tip. Standing is a breeze and there are not many parts or pieces sticking out to get your fly line caught. It is a complete open deck with a small storage space up front. It also has a flat transom to hook a trolling or small motor so you can go upstream and then float back to your ride.

    [ame=]Kayak Fly Fishing in the NuCanoe Frontier 12 - YouTube[/ame]

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    Default Re: kayak, float tube or pontoon

    Quote Originally Posted by schiff View Post
    I agree. I don't have a problem with the paddle either. It sits across my lap when not in use. It doesn't get in the way there and is always ready. I like the sit-on-top yak to cover distances when jumping from spot to spot on the lakes I fish.
    I also agree, I never have a problem with the paddle either, cover a great distance, stand up paddling for sight fishing, casting and fighting the fish while standing up, even maneuvering the kayak into the open water while fighting a fish by paddling with the left wrist.

    Shallow water? No problem, with only 2 or 3 quick stroke you will glide into your spot without disturbing the water below you.

    Cargo wise, my Ocean Kayak Trident 13 sit on top can carry everything I need. I could bring my kayak cart along with a rolling gear bag, anchor, GPS fish finder, net, etc. I could bring number of rods in their tubes and place them in the hull.

    Going camping? No problem, put your dry bag, sleeping bag, food, tent etc into the front compartment and paddle away.

    On a lazy fishing day, I could put 5 Scotty rod holders, rig the spinning setup with nightcrawler or powerbait, anchor down, cast them out and take a nap.
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    Kayak. I fish warmwater rivers and lakes out of mine. I lay the paddle across my lap while fishing. I have floated downstream 8 miles and can paddle upstream for miles in moderate current. If your budget allows carbon fiber paddle shafts are awesome.

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    Default Re: kayak, float tube or pontoon

    To get it off the garage floor.
    I just bought this from a fishing buddy. Looking forward to getting it out on the water.
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    Default Re: kayak, float tube or pontoon

    At one time or the other I have had them all & all have there place.Yaks are great but limit the amout of gear.Pontoons are built for down stream they can be a pain to go up river.Float tubes are good for still water & warm weather,I Now have a solo canoe that does it all & a float tube that hasn't been wet in a long time
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