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    Quote Originally Posted by jporter View Post
    I think your look for something like a Perception Sport Swifty 9.5 Kayak or an Old Town Otter Kayak. I think you’re thinking more a recreational type kayak. They’ll be about 9’6” long and about 40lb price about $250-$325 new. I had an Old Town Otter liked it fine, I did sell it though got bit by the white-water bug bad. They all paddle about the same and have the same type of seat. You won’t need a skirt for keeping water out of the key hole. And you can mount a rod holder to it. Standing in it can be tricky but do able.
    I actually have two perception swifty 9.5s haha
    I will be using them until I can get something else but I'm really looking for a kayak meant for fishing. Something that is stable enough to stand and something that you don't sit inside of... Really is a pain with gear and everything else.

    If saving is what it takes to get what I'm looking for, I guess that's what I'll be doing. Still looking around to see what I can find though

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    Try an inflatable...great for limited storage space and calm water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bpeterson View Post
    Thanks for all the suggestions! I had no idea they were upwards of $1,500 dollars! I had just looked at the $400 ones before haha
    I will have to save up over the summer if I wanted to get one of the ones mentioned which would be fine I guess

    Are there any decent quality kayaks with good stability for a cheaper price?
    There are plenty good Kayak in $400 price range. You can go on your local craiglist and see if there is one for sell. Good luck and have fun searching.
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    start looking for local kayak shops, and see if they have "demo" days, where you can do a test paddle and see if that yak will work for you. I chose WS yaks for the seats, due to a bad back, and WS has a good seat imo. If not comfy, won't use it. has some good choices and info on the various yaks available.
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    I know this one is about double what you wanted to spend, but I'm thinking this is a super SOT kayak.

    Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game Angler Sit-On-Top Kayak at
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