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  1. Default Looking for a kayak

    I am looking to buy a kayak for fly fishing for reds and specks in south LA. I am graduating high school this may and will be going to college next year so I won't be able to go out on the boat anymore and have limited space for storage.
    I will be using it in relatively calm waters, mainly marshes and shoreline on lakes. Anyone have any suggestions on some kayaks?

    I have never fished out of a kayak so I have no experience on the matter so any help is appreciated!

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    Default Re: Looking for a kayak

    So much has changed since I bought mine. New seats that put you higher for more comfort. If I was to do it over with what is available now, with storage a primary concern I'd get the Malibu Mini-X. Perhaps a paddleboard would be easy to store even though they are lengthy too. Whatever you get dont over customize it, the less you attach to it the less your fly line will tangle on to.

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    Default Re: Looking for a kayak

    I fish the marshes on the Texas upper and mid coast from a kayak. I started five years ago with a Ocean Kayak Trident 13 and a couple of years later went to a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 16. Nothing specific wrong with Trident except I wanted a faster yak. The Trident is 31" wide and the Tarpon 28". Does not sound like much but it does make a big difference in speed. Possibly the hull design may make a difference. Width between my two yak's means the Trident is more stable, but that really only makes a difference to me when just learning to yak. After a turtle or two you learn what center of gravity means. In open water with winds both are stable but the Tarpon slices the waves better to maintain speed.

    The Trident 13 length is better suited for the marshes, as I sometimes need to back out a ways before I can turn around. 2-3 feet can be huge far back in the marsh trying to get to a back lake. You will be going where no one but an air boat can go.

    Having said all that I do use my Tarpon as primary yak due to long distances in open water I paddle at times to get to some prime marshes that as I said you otherwise can only get into with an air boat. I think I see more Tarpons in my area that any other brand. Most all brands are represented.

    If I was today to purchase a new yak I would get the Tarpon 14 because I would still get the speed and get a shorter length. Another thing I had to learn due to getting so far back into the marshes was while fishing my way in to also pay attention to were I made turns so I could get back out without taking several deadends. That can get your attention when the tide is ripping out and you could get stranded for several hours high and dry on a mud flat. Has not happen yet but I've read and heard many stories of longer day trips than planned with not an increase in fishing time. You then just lay back and take a long nap.

    This website is very popular here and very well can provide you tons of info. • Index page

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    Default Re: Looking for a kayak

    Check craigslist for used stuff. Lots of good items out there.
    In the Florida keys we rented a 'SUP' (stand up paddle board), and a two person 'sit-on-top' kayak. In higher winds, the kayak did better, and if you have a partner, one person can aim to good spots while the other casts. The SUP was super fun to cast from, and you will see a lot more fish when standing up. The SUP had nothing to catch line on, which kept things simple. Watch out for crocs and gators!

    We ended up getting a little 8 foot sit-on-top kayak for here in Colorado. It is quick to get around in and doesn't get stuck in the wind like a pontoon
    or a belly boat. We got a 'Lifetime Calypso' for under $200. Simple and sturdy, and it won't sink if capsized (which does happen, ask me how I know!)

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    Default Re: Looking for a kayak

    Find a couple of kayak fishing sites and do some research. Every boat is a compromise. Some yaks are good to stand up in for better sight fishing but they are usually a little slower as indicated above. You can have stability or speed or a compromise of each. Name your own poison. Short=slower than long. Weight can be an issue as well. This will be my first season in a yak. Will be a learning experiance.

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    Default Re: Looking for a kayak

    I have a Trident 13 from Ocean Kayak for bass and trout fishing. The stability is very good, no problem standing up on it for casting, fighting the fish or to sight fishing. Very maneuverable for sight fishing as I frequently standing up with the paddle on 1 hand and rod on the other hand. The middle console offers you flexibility to rig rod holders, fish finders, etc. check it out at or
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  7. Default Re: Looking for a kayak

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I had no idea they were upwards of $1,500 dollars! I had just looked at the $400 ones before haha
    I will have to save up over the summer if I wanted to get one of the ones mentioned which would be fine I guess

    Are there any decent quality kayaks with good stability for a cheaper price?

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    Default Re: Looking for a kayak

    Look at the Perception Pescador, around $400 - $500 depending on size. It's actually an older mold of the Wilderness Systems Tarpon that was a $800 - $900 boat.
    Also look for used kayaks, people upgrade and you can get a good deal.

    Also there is the Ascend series that Bass Pro has, I haven't paddled one but people seem to like it for a cheaper kayak, around $400.
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    I think your look for something like a Perception Sport Swifty 9.5 Kayak or an Old Town Otter Kayak. I think you’re thinking more a recreational type kayak. They’ll be about 9’6” long and about 40lb price about $250-$325 new. I had an Old Town Otter liked it fine, I did sell it though got bit by the white-water bug bad. They all paddle about the same and have the same type of seat. You won’t need a skirt for keeping water out of the key hole. And you can mount a rod holder to it. Standing in it can be tricky but do able.

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    Default Re: Looking for a kayak

    Another to consider is the WS Ride 115 or 135. You can sit or stand (if you're brave enough) in this model. I have a 115 but have not gotten the nerve up to stand up yet, got it last year, very stable, easy to paddle, not as easy as the WS Pungo, but close. The Ride series are very stable tho, have seen a video or two of guys standing in them w/o issue.

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