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    Just wondering if I will be under-gunned with a 6wt for small salt species either fishing from the shore or a kayak? The wife and I have a trip planned down to Costa Rica in mid-March (we have been to this location before) and if the surf is not good I was thinking of throwing in my 6wt and some salt flies for those days I am not surfing. Just wondering if I will be frustrated with the 6wt, I have been watching for sales/used 8wt setups, but am trying to figure out if it is worth having an 8wt sitting around that gets used only a day or two a year (I could use the money for a new trout rod that would get 40-50 days a year). Any input or feedback would be greatly appreciated as the only time I have fished in salt water was with my father-in-law for tarpon and we were using his 12wts.

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    FWIW,I use a 6wt quite a bit here in DE for trout,flounder,stripers and blues in the salt.Lots of fun and perfectly adequate as long as you know its limits.If you keep your tippet around #15 a 6wt will whip some pretty good fish quickly.Most of the flies I use are size 2 and these work well on a 6wt.If you do tag into something too big for the rod you will know it right a way and can break it off.Ive landed stripers in the #10 range and carp over #12 with a 6wt and never stressed the fish.If you know how to fight a fish a 6wt a nice light tool to play with.

    I should add that Im throwing 7wt lines most of the times with the 6wt.
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    Being undergunned is fun as long as the fish doesn't get too terribly stressed. I'd be more concerned with the 6 weight because of the possible wind, not the possible fish.

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    Great, thanks for the input. Looks like I will just need to get a SW line for my 6wt and go test my luck.

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