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    Default Re: Salt water set up from kayak

    Quote Originally Posted by karstopo View Post
    I've run into acquaintances here that try fly fishing from a kayak for a while and give up on it because they can't work through the learning period. It can be frustrating for a time, but all that clears up once you stick with it.
    I just usually park on a flat and get out. Other than trolling a fly while I paddle, I find fishing from the kayak mostly a PITA. I have a hard shell that I don't like to fish from at all. Since getting the Hobie i11s and Sea Eagle 385, it's better, as I can stand and cast from either, but the Hobie has the problem that unless I strip the line onto the water at the side, it gets tangled up with the pedals. The Sea Eagle is better, since it just has a flat drop-stitch floor that is rigid enough to stand, but has nothing to catch the line. I still prefer just staking the kayak onto a flat and wading.

    Quote Originally Posted by karstopo View Post
    The chance of battling a strong and/or fast fish that can run off some line or do other exciting stuff keeps me wanting more.
    One thing about hooking a fish in a kayak is that the ones strong enough to run off a lot of line will just tow you. I like to say that my kayak is my drag and the river is my backing. I've hooked into pretty big Jacks* but never saw my backing because I just set the drag to where they pull the kayak until they were tired and I could reel them in. It takes less force to pull me in my kayak than it does to break my leader, so as long as I have water, I need no backing.

    * Edited to say: When people tell me I can't catch jack, I tell 'em that it's about the only thing I can catch!
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    I fish a lot in the north out of a kayak. I can say that an 8.6 foot rod is ideal for most of what I do! Its amazing how many knots and issues you can have in a kayak. I also have an outrigger system for rougher 8.6 foot gets around that ok too!

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