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    I have had several kayaks and am currently the proud owner of a 14 foot proangler Hobie. Love the comfort factor and the hands free factor!...hate the price factor but you can find them used still and not as bad! Also a ton of accessories available! Take a look!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spameggsandrice View Post
    You can also buy a really inexpensive trailer from Harbor Freight and do a little customizing to make it a kayak hauler. It's a lot easier than trying to put it on top of a vehicle. That's what I do.
    Exactly what I did

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    I know this thread is a couple years past now, but if anyone is still looking here is my two cents worth. I have three kayaks in my garage right now because the fourth one is with my nephew. A sit on top gives all sorts of room for carrying and accessing items, but they are heavy beasts. A sit in keeps a lower profile and keeps you drier, but your access is limited. Sit on tops are more stable but much harder to steer. Sit ins are easier to steer, but easier to flip if reeling in a larger fish. I have had to fight a sit on top that would not hold a line in the current and wind as soon as I lifted the paddle, but I could turn and access everything on the boat, and if i was in better shape stand up in it. My favorite kayak to fish from is the Evoke Navigator. It tracks well, is super wide, a larger cockpit to access stuff behind my seat, and has a YakAttack system for attaching accessories. Anything similar would probably perform the same.
    Rent a couple or borrow a friends and get a feel for how it performs in the current and wind. Feel how it acts when you turn around or stand up. Take a long look at the keel, stern and bow to get an idea of how well it bites into the water, stability, etcetera. Then think about how you are going to rig it - can you add a Scott fly rod holder, an anchor, hands free foot pedals, etc. My latest kayak is a touring model I can haul everything I need for an overnight trip and provides enough bow space that rods aren't sticking out where they can catch on something.
    Hope I helped

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