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    Default Inflatable vs Rigid SUP

    Any SUP fisherman out there? I had an inflatable Sea Eagle SUP for short time, but returned it in exchange for an inflatable kayak, which I use and enjoy. But I now realize that I really liked the workout that the SUP gave me, so I am thinking of getting another SUP. I mostly want it for the exercise, but would plan to take along at minimum a fly rod and sling pack (if not a crate loaded with gear). Inflatables make the most sense given my transportation options (small hatchback), but a rigid SUP would not be out of the question, as it would still be easier to car-top than a kayak. My experience with inflatables is that they are generally pretty durable, but I am wondering which type would be best for fishing. It won't be my primary fishing platform, but I want to be able to fish from it effectively. Any insight is appreciated.

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    Dunno if you already got one or not but I bought a bote hd12 it's a hard one and high quality. If I were you I'd probably go inflatable.

    Mobility is very nice, they are also quite a bit more durable. If I had to move it more than 20 yards from shoreline to storage shed id have an inflatable.

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    Default Re: Inflatable vs Rigid SUP

    I have taken my wife' SUP out a few times to fish and it can be alot of fun. Inflatable technology has come so far in the last 5 years the only reason to buy a hard board is if you had waterfront property and were just taking the board to the water and back. Check out Tower, Isle, and Red Paddle boards. They have been around the longest and offer the best bang for the buck. My wife uses a Tower, and I would likely buy and Isle for a more fishing oriented (stability over speed) board. ISLE Explorer Inflatable Paddle Board Package | ISLE Surf & SUP

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    Talking Re: Inflatable vs Rigid SUP

    I ended up with an iRocker 10'. Made here in Florida and $100 off on Black Friday, so I pulled the trigger. I've been out on it once and I'm not able to balance well enough yet to cast from it. But the exercise is great and it will get me to good wading spots. It also folds small enough to keep in the car full time, so I'm ready for any opportunity. The inflatable technology is pretty impressive. At 12 psi you'd hardly know it's not solid. I can't even get it to the recommended 15 psi as the hose from the pump leaks at 13. I fell (we'll say once ) and it is rigid enough to bruise your shins. I'm looking forward to getting lots of use out of it.

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