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Thread: Big fish kayak

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    Default Big fish kayak

    anyone heard of these or have one ?

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    That looks pretty nice overall, depending on what you are looking for. I found some YouTube walk-through videos. It is 36" wide, but they say the hull design is pretty fast despite the width. The downside for me is that it weighs 100 lb; putting my Tarpon 120 on the roof of my van by myself is about as much wrestling as I want to do. But if you have a pickup or trailer or Hullavator or serious muscles that not be an issue. Check out the videos:

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    Yeah, that's a heavy yak for not having much capacity. My frontier 12 weighs 70lbs +/- and can carry 550lbs

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    How much importance do most folks attach to capacity? I weigh about 175 and with the small amount of stuff I bring I probably don't come close to the capacity of my kayaks. If you are going to a camping site though I guess that might be an issue. Even still, when I go bicycle camping I carry a max of just under 50 lb.

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    My Commander 140 load capacity is 475 pounds.
    My Tarpon 140 load capacity is 375 pounds.

    I see the Tarpon 120 is 350 pounds.

    Looking at WS website, their lowest load rated kayak is the Zephyr 155 at 275 pounds. I imagine other kayak makers have similar numbers.

    I’ve put close to 400 pounds in my Commander 140. The main thing is to try and balance the weight fore and aft and keep stuff as low and centered as possible.

    What makes any boat unstable is too much weight either in the bow or stern and too much weight well above the water line or off to one side or the other.

    Inexperienced paddlers get into trouble when they don’t stay low and centered in rough water.
    Wherever you go, there you are.

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    Default Re: Big fish kayak

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