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    Default Inflatable Paddle Board on a budget

    Alright guys, reccomend me an inflatable SUP.

    Iím looking to use this after work mostly, keep it in my truck, and be ready to hit the rivers after work for a few hours. Iím 6í 3Ē, about 240lbs. I donít NEED tie downs for a cooler, bu it would be nice. Not looking to run long stretches, just get to some spots that are a real chore to walk/wade to. Hoping to keep it to $500 or less, used is ok.

    Targeting bass, carp, sunnies, and maybe even a Muskie or two if I come upon them. I did last year float right over a slow cruising Muskie I could have cast it, had I been ready for it. What are your guys thoughts?

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    Default re: Inflatable Paddle Board on a budget

    I would recommend either a u-shape or pontoon design, something that you can get in and out of. The doughnut shaped tubes are a pain in the butt in shallow water. Also, they are a little small for me, and probably not that comfortable for someone your size either. I've had two of the cheap Bass Pro brand tubes and they've been fine. I suspect all of the cheap ones are made by the same people, despite the brand.

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    Default re: Inflatable Paddle Board on a budget

    Inflatable Paddle board. I should have been more clear in the title. I found a brand called airhead. Anyone have experience with h their stuff?

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    Default re: Inflatable Paddle Board on a budget

    I have been eye-balling the offerings from Sea Eagle. Lightweight and compact. I have no personal experience. Just found them on the web and got interested in their product line.

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    Default Re: Inflatable Paddle Board on a budget

    Quote Originally Posted by rodneyshishido View Post
    I have been eye-balling the offerings from Sea Eagle. Lightweight and compact. I have no personal experience. Just found them on the web and got interested in their product line.
    Rodney - Sea Eagle is a great product. I had a NN116 (Needle-nose 11'6"). I ended up returning it and exchanging for an inflatable kayak, but it was a great product. Sea Eagle is the standard for inflatables. I ended up missing the iSUP, so I got another one, and now have an iRocker, which is a smaller board, but equally high in quality.

    pleasantvalley - Check out the iRocker Cruiser. It is a 6" board, so even though it is only 10' 6" long, it has a capacity of 400 lbs, and at 33" wide, it is pretty stable for fishing. Many iSUPS are only 4" thick (and 30" wide), and at 6'3" and 240 lbs, those are probably not going to work for you. I am very happy with my iRocker. When I lost the center fin (it has two fixed and a larger removable center fin), iRocker sent me a new one at no charge. ("Wow. That sucks, Dude. I'll send you a new one today. How much? Nah. Don't worry about it.")

    The Sea Eagle NN is a great board, and has a rigid prow like a kayak, which is great for cutting waves, but the shape gives it less volume, so not as much capacity. You'd need the NN14, but their LB126 (12'6" Long Board) would have enough capacity. Airhead makes a board for fishing that has two small side chambers, which increase both stability and capacity. That may be a good option for you, and if you have a truck, you should have the cargo space for the larger board. Sea Eagle has a FishSUP that is even bigger. Practically an inflatable boat, just flat. I think Sea Eagle is having a sale now, plus you can sometimes buy a return at a good "open box" discount. But the Sea Eagle and Airhead are not the cheapest. iRocker is great quality and a good price. This time of year, you may be able to score one on sale, too.
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    Default Re: Inflatable Paddle Board on a budget

    I'm in search of a budget SUP as well. I've really been eyeing the roc inflatable SUP. It's 299 on amazon. Anyone have any experience with this one?

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    Default Re: Inflatable Paddle Board on a budget

    I went down this rabbit hole 2 summers ago and I'll throw in my two cents to all this from my personal experiences in all the research I did.

    The thing you really need to keep in mind when looking for an inflatable is simple. Longevity and the seams. I watched countless videos on "issues " with inflatables and what I found was a LOT of them were blowing out at the seams be it from either over inflating or leaving in the sun too long. We're not talking about being in the sun too long on a lake or anything. I'm talking about letting it sit in the sun for hours on end and or sitting in the sun in your backyard while not being used.

    I first started looking into the Tower models because they started off on the shark tank and Mark bought into it and the company took off. Selling them at 500 ish. They sold like hotcakes! Then I looked into Elevate on craigslist. They were also selling like hotcakes.

    I decided to go check out and talk to the local rental shops at the local lakes and get some feedback AND try a few out. Well, after doing all that I decided to check out YouTube videos and started seeing one after another of all the "entry level " boards having blowouts at the seams or worse with warranty claims being denied by multiple manufacturers.

    So then I decided I wanted something that was going to last a VERY LONG TIME! I narrowed it down to two leaders in the sport. Red Paddle and a local company called Hala! I went with the Hala Hoss. Far more than 500 bucks but I bought it for the long haul rather than a summer or two.

    Keep that in mind when looking into buying one. I'm sure if you really take good care of even the entry level boards rather than leaving them out in the sun to blow up, they'll do fine. If your budget can handle more for the long haul however, look into the two I mentioned. You won't regret it!

    Hopefully this helps.
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    Default Re: Inflatable Paddle Board on a budget

    Check out the Rainbow R inflatable SUP from Goosehill Sport:Professional Inflatable SUP Board Online Shopping.. It's a pretty solid choice of inflatable SUP for less than $500. The SCE technology used by Goosehill is similar to what red paddle calls MSL fusion. It creates a strong, enhanced layer that's almost as rigid and durable as a double-layer board but much lighter.

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