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    Default Re: The Struggles of a Kayak Fisherman

    Yaks have their quirks but so does everything else. Every boat I've ever owned had it's advantages and disadvantages. Some are better suited to a particular fishing situation than others than others as well. You can pick a craft and stick with it like NDAngler does in his excellent videos, (That's his second Tarpon 120 in a row, btw. ) or you can be a boat slut like me and keep a dozen (or more ) around to mix and match to the plan of the day. I currently own float tubes, SOT yaks, SIK yaks, Canoes , a Hybrid Yak and a few tin boats. I like fishing from them all and am always looking for my next one.

    P.s.THe biggest drawback of kayaks is that they are allot harder than fly rods to slip past the wife! :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prof. Salt View Post
    I am a kayak junkie (paddled over 700 miles this year alone) and I fish exclusively from them. They do have some built-in challenges, but I have learned to adapt. I get out and wade when fishing shallow rivers, but in the salt flats the kayak offers much more stealth to get close to the fish. This 30 inch fish was clearly visible 15 feet away when I hooked it.

    Nice redfish!
    "You can record most sporting events, but fishing opportunities are either taken or missed."

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