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    Default Re: Canoe vs wading.

    I know this is an old thread but there is a couple of stretches I fish that noway you can paddle back up. I drop the canoe off at the put in, chain it to a tree out of sight (as much as possible), drive to take out and Uber back up. The rod and tackle bag stay with me but I leave every thing else in the boat. No one has ever even stolen my beer!

    This of course only works in places close to a sizable city.

    I must say that my anxiety level and blood pressure are elevated till I get back to my canoe.


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    Default Re: Canoe vs wading.

    Quote Originally Posted by denver1911 View Post
    Use your options. Here in Kentucky, I have one tailwater with about 1.25 miles of road between about 5 miles of water (a horseshoe). Stash my gear and go drop off the truck at the take-out. One smallmouth creek has a road that paralells a good section and is relatively flat. Bicycle as suggested above. There are a few outfitters around mostly for recreational paddlers. Ask them nicely (with a $20 in your hand) and maybe they will take you where you want to go when you want to be there. Also, some of their staff would like to earn a few extra bucks by shuttling you during their time off. Additionally, these outfitters might know a local who would do it. Ask around yourself. And there is always a walk from put-in to take-out regardless of how long the float is. Longest Iíve done was seven miles. Yes, I was desparate.
    Isn't this how that movie started?

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    Default Re: Canoe vs wading.

    Quote Originally Posted by JoJer View Post
    Isn't this how that movie started?
    Yes, yes it is...

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    Default Re: Canoe vs wading.

    I bought a hornbeck canoe last year and it weights in at #20
    I have carried that thing quite a ways to get to some good spots.

    I like the bike idea. stash it down stream chain it and then peddle up to the truck and drive back
    or with a light canoe, carrying it back wouldn't be a problem

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    Default Re: Canoe vs wading.

    This may rub some people the wrong way but a square-back canoe with a small motor could be the answer to fishing a tailwater the way you described. I am not partial to them but a small motor can push one along at a good clip, even upstream. Just don't try making any sharp turns.


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    Default Re: Canoe vs wading.

    I think the paddle up as far as possible, go fishing there then work back towards the truck, stopping and wading to fish, always worked the best for me. The idea is to go fishing not boating so the trip shouldn't be very long one or it will cut into fishing time. fwiw, any water I can't paddle up or wade and drag the canoe up is likely too scary for me to go down as well.
    A folding bike will fit in the boat and be there when you get there, so it's another option.
    Or if trailering the canoe, you could carry a motor bike or scooter to the take out, and stash it there.

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    Default Re: Canoe vs wading.

    I put my bike it the front of the canoe and go for it since I know of 3 nice places I can get out on one river. The last one is several miles from my put in; but, it's not bad for a ride. This only works for me up here on a few rivers. Chaining up your canoe to a tree is a pretty good idea, but I hardly ever bother.

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    Default Re: Canoe vs wading.

    It almost sounds like a float tube might be a good option for you. Once you get to your take out point, deflate the float tube, sling it across your back and walk back to the truck
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