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    Default Basic hauling yak question.

    Got a roof rack for the Jeep to put the kayak on.

    I'm wondering if the yak has to be placed upside down when hauling or can it stay upright.

    I imagine for a longer drive, it's better gas mileage upside down.

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    I guess it depends. I have a sit on top (Jackson Bite) and carry mine right side up. Jackson and my dealer recommended that I transport this way. Also make sure to pad the cross bars to protect the hull. I used large sized pool noodles when I took my yak to the beach. Over a 6 hour drive the noodle compressed itself so if you use them rotate them. After the trip I bought foam wedges from Malone. They work much better.

    My 2 cents.

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    Default Re: Basic hauling yak question.

    Over the past 10 or 15 years, I've used J cradles, rubber V blocks and most recently pool noodles on a roof rack. I also use my truck with a bed extender.

    When I used a roof rack with pool noodles, I loaded them bottom side up. We have a 16' WS Tarpon and a 12' Kingfisher.

    For long distances at highway speeds, I like to carry them bottom up. However, if securely tied down, I don't know that it matters much.

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    Default Re: Basic hauling yak question.

    I haul mine right side up on the kayak rack I install on my SUV bars. Any rack that I considered provided instructions recommending that orientation for travel. Can't imagine sliding the kayak up upside down. The topside on my kayak isn't very smooth, With the components I've added.

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    Default Re: Basic hauling yak question.

    Upside down because I have an inflatable and it has fins and I don't want them damaging the top of the vehicle. My suggestions is a double over NRS strap, 15ft works great. But make sure you are tight to the kayak, straight up and down from the kayak to cross bars or the nrs straps will slip and loosen. I typically drive 10 miles or so and pull over and double check the tightness.

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    Default Re: Basic hauling yak question.

    Thanks for all the responses.

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