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Thread: Trailer Upgrade

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    Today was project day. I have been using a 5x8 utility trailer to move kayaks from point A to Point B. We had attached a couple of metal cross beams and two uprights to the trailer. We got some very think padding and attached it to the crossbeams to pad the beams so the boats wouldn't bet beaten up. We had noticed some very slight deformation of one of the boats, so, we added some stuff to the trailer.
    We took 4, 8 foot lengths of Schedule 40, 3 inch PVC and bolted them to the Trailer. A friend of mine is a Native Watercraft pro-staffer. We went to the factory to pick up a new boat the other day. While we were there we acquired several scraps of kayak material form boats that didn't mold properly. We cut 2.5 inch washers out of this material and used a couple inside the PVC and under the PVC to give the trailer/boats some cushion.
    The project turned out well, even though it was a million degrees outside.



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    Very nice job!

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    Awesome work, congrats!

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    I took the trailer out yesterday and gave it a test. Found a parking lot with some speed bumps. Put a buddy on the tailgate of the truck and rolled over the bumps at various speeds. He said the PVC flexed nicely and the boats rode very well. I was a bit leery about using PVC due to its tendency to get brittle with UV exposure,but all the guys I have talked to that have rigged their trailers this way assure me that the schedule 40 is the way to go.

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