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    Default Dang the pice of the new hobie

    I seen the new 2020 360 hobie is going to sell for 4599.00. I Wonít be fishing out of one of them. Hope native watercraft donít do the same.

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    Default Re: Dang the pice of the new hobie

    Native has a new Slayer Max,pedal drive and its going to be right at $2600 and the 13.5 Titan pedal is $3100. Hell, I can get a john boat and motor for that kind of coin.
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    Default Re: Dang the pice of the new hobie

    Yea I know, I sold my 16 aluminum with a 25hp tiller, flat carpeted floor with a lot of storage for 3500.00. That much for a piece of plastic with no motor is hard to swallow.

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    Default Re: Dang the pice of the new hobie

    Sheesh, really? WOW! Unbelievable.

    But they'll be a ton of monetized reviews on YouTube, so there's that.

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    Default Re: Dang the pice of the new hobie

    All of the major boat makers are starting to cater to the Bass tournament kayak fishing guys. Have you seen the size of some of the depth/fish finders on these boats? These really high priced boats are moving farther and farther away from the basic definition of a kayak
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    Default Re: Dang the pice of the new hobie

    As someone who owned a couple different fishing kayaks for several years and currently a pontoon, I get the appeal of one-man, self-propelled fishing crafts. With that said, i too canít see how so many people justify several thousand dollars on a kayak. Donít get me wrong, Hobie makes outstanding boats. But as already stated you can buy a larger john boat or the like with a motor for the same cost or less. Further, with the size and weight of these newer high end kayaks Iíd say the majority are transported by trailer. So, you lose much of the draw of smaller single-man craft in ease of portability. In Colorado trailered watercraft, even a kayak, are subject to the same inspection process and hassle as any large motored boat so thereís that as well.

    Of course after all that Iím sure one could easily poke holes in the cost justifications of much of my fishing and other hobbiesí gear, so to each their own!
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    Default Re: Dang the pice of the new hobie

    Sadly, everything mostly goes up in cost and rarely comes down. I agree that perhaps "more " boat, motor, etc can be purchased for similar money...but those are used boats, not new. A new 16' aluminum basic Lund or Alumacraft w/ motor is easily $20K +. Heck here in Colorado it's not unusual to see a $5K mountain bike on the rack of cars worth $4K. Average 1 bedroom apartment rent here is $1500+. New Diesel Pickups are $70-$80K+. I guess my point is that for about 10-15% of the cost of a new 16' watercraft with motor (a new boat) a person can buy a top end Kayak, which looks like a much cheaper alternative to get on the water. Now I'm not saying anything in today's world is affordable....because Lord knows everything is crazy expensive...but I guess it's all still relative to the same percentages as it always was. If somebody would have told me 20-25 years ago that basic starter houses in Denver would be $500-600K and that a pickup truck was gonna be $70K I'd have told them they were nuts....but....its just the sad reality of 2019. I know my dollars have never covered less than they do today, and I'm really concerned that future generations are going to be able to carry everything they own in the trunk of their cars when they move. Everything has gotten higher than a Giraffes butt.

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    Default Re: Dang the pice of the new hobie

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    Default Re: Dang the pice of the new hobie

    To me, its not so much the cost.although $5K for a kayak is a large pill to swallow. To me, the appeal of kayak fishing is the "self paced" fishing and the slower approach. It seems that peddle drive kayakers are in a hurry to get somewhere before someone else does,so they can fish a spot first. This is reminiscent of the tournament bass fishing guys..Hurry up..Get somewhere at 65 miles an fast..move on.
    Its funny to me that I catch some of my largest fish,within 100 yards of the ramp when everyone else has put their boats in and hauled ass right past some prime territory.
    I guess its just me,but I would rather fish slow and thorough and enjoy the things I see rather than scooting by at 65 missing all the cool stuff that nature puts out there to see.
    "We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About"

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    Default Re: Dang the pice of the new hobie

    For me, the pedal kayak advantage isn't the speed but the ability to maneuver while both hands are occupied with a rod. I don't have one now and don't have the money for one, but if I did I would consider it.

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