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    Quote Originally Posted by Joni View Post
    We have some great rods for sale right here. The ECHO is an awesome rod. TFO's are very reasonable also and both WARRANTY.
    For the weight you mentioned, I wouldn't look at anything smaller than a 6wt. 7wt and 8wt would not be out of line.
    Salmon are beautiful and around here a little tougher on a fly, so that would be a double bonus.
    Look forward to hearing more about you and whatever the problems you are having, hopefully we can make you forget for a bit.
    Pictures are good also he, he, he.
    Oh yes, I love pictures also...went into the photobucket url you have posted... some pretty nice fish in there...and allot of good times no doubt.

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    Hello Ladies -

    I live in Miami, Florida, and fish in Biscayne Bay, the Keys, off-shore around Florida, in Belize and anywhere else I travel that there are fish! I absolutely love fly fishing and I am trying to get some of my other girlfriends "hooked". On that note, I am always looking for ladies that fish (not that I don't enjoy going out with the boys)...I often hire guides and frequently wade the flats when the water is warm!

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    I see you fish the Keys, I have some friends that guide there and was wondering if maybe you have used them before, their names are Brett Novik and Sue Talbot, this is their guide service link. - Charter Fishing Florida Keys

    They guide on the Snake in the warmer months and The Keys during Winter, what a life eh.

    I had Brett guide the wife and I on The South Fork during our Honeymoon in 03', we quickly became friends and frequently have a few beers at the end of the day, they are always great at sharing info on the river.

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    Hiya all, first time posting here. I'm an avid fly fisher from Norther New Hampshire...

    I enjoy my local cold mountain sweet water and and travel to the brine for a dose of salt water when I can.

    I've been fishing for a number of years and I fish every chance I get....

    Two years ago I took up tying and this winter I've been finishing a bamboo blank.

    I've also started a blog

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    Hello again. Very Nice Blog and I love that fly.
    We do have fly swaps here, and you got to get in on the next one.

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    Sweet, I'd like to get in on the next swap....

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    Hey everyone!

    Newbie here from Canada! I'm living (going to school) in Prince George, BC, but from Ottawa, Ontario.

    I decided that this summer (the last summer I have out west before moving back east) will be the Summer of Fishing and I'm going to try to do as much fishing as possible. This means that I'll learn how to fly fish (I start a 4 week course at the University tomorrow) because I really want to fish my brains out in every way out here before I leave!!

    So now I'm just trying to learn everything I can about this... I'm super pumped! I love every other kind of fishing, and I'm sure fly fishing will be the same!

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    Right On Brushy, keep us updated.

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    Just got home from my first class!!!

    We spent most of the time learning the basics of fly fishing equipment and then tied some knots and then spent some time casting in the cold rain (35F) and my teacher told me that I'm a natural!

    WOOOOT! I can't wait for next week!

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    Excellent Bushy, hopefully it will be warmer for your next class.

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