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  1. Default The Falcon Has Landed

    Just got back from my initiation in to the Guides of Falcon's Ledge.We were ruffing it, here was my sleeping quarters right next to a huge kitchen with everything anyone could want including an ice cold fountain machine with root beer, lemonade, pepsi, etc.The Lodge is surrounded by 6 ponds loaded with huge fish (which aren't that easy to catch by the way, but I kick a$$)Plus rivers very close like the Rock Cliff and the Strawberry;It was fantastic and the big fish was 26". I caught so many fish I am ready for the customers. They treat the guides like gold up there so you can imagine how the guest are received.

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    I have fished there with a buddy and it is incredible. I cant think of a better suited person than you to guide there. Good Luck with the endever.

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