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    Default Re: ladies fly tyers

    I've always used my dads flies. He was quite skilled. I'd love to learn myself the art.
    I'll look forward to reading more and hopefully learning a thing or two.
    Great album!


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    Default Re: ladies fly tyers

    Well, it is cheaper to buy your flies, really. If you want to learn, realize it quickly becomes an obsession, and a money pit.
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

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    It definitely can be. Of course IF you can control yourself and stay basic, it might be cheaper, but where is the fun in that....LOL I look at magazines with new patterns and I think...HEAY< I got all that....

    Another reason for tying your own, is you will ALWAYS have the hot fly. I take my stuff on trips and several trips, I have spent the evenings tying the ONE fly the fish want, and had a box full of flies I thought they might want....;-)

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    Here's a few flees I've tied:

    An attractor, for pike!


    And a "generic" streamer...

    And yes, fly tying does get expensive! At first, I thought I'd save some money, 'cause I couldn't pass a fly shop without stopping and spending $40.00 on flees... but oh, no. It quickly became a passion, and now I've spent an unbelievable amount on tying things. But how I enjoy tying, especially in the winter. I'll move some tying gear to near the fireplace, drink coffee or hot chocolate, keep toasty warm, and tie enough flees for gifts, and to last me through 'till next winter. *smile*

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    Default Re: ladies fly tyers

    Nice work Kim. I especially like the middle one. But the top one is my second favorite. We have chain pickerel here, a cousin of the pike.
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

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    Thanks, Kelkay.

    Last summer, I got kinda' fed up with overcrowding on the Front Range rivers... like the South Platte, the Arkansas, and others, too. They were even crowded on weekdays!

    And this *new* breed of fly fishers... they're kinda' rude. Before I even land a trout, there's four guys within arm's reach of casting to the very spot I just caught that one in. When pointing out that this was rude, I was (not-so-gently) reminded that "You don't own this *$@#ing river."

    So over the winter, decided to change species (for my "local" fishing) to pike, and use the canoe lots more. Tying pike flees has been fun, and on my last outing, caught 18 pike and one rainbow! hahah Had a great time.

    But do I ever miss fishing the rivers. There's just something really special about tying and fishing small dries...

    Guess all of that is another, separate thread, huh?

    The recipe for the BWO: black 8/0 thread, size 16 dry fly hook, furnace hackle barbs for the tail, olive turkey biot for the body, and grizzly hackle for the wings. The others were "improvised", kinda'. *smile*

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    Default Re: ladies fly tyers

    Kim, maybe one or two of the more experienced fly fishers need to tell them. I can't stand rude anglers of any sort, and there are quite a few out there. Some just don't know better, and would love for someone to tell them the ropes. Thanks for that recipe!
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

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