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    Hello fellow lady flyfishers!

    I'm a new Member joining from the PNW. I posted a little more detail about myself and my flyfishing history in the new members forum. I'm looking forward to meeting and chatting with other women in the sport. Anyone else from the PNW area? Happy fishing!


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    Welcome to the forum! There aren't to many women here, so I generally don't post much. I'm fairly new to fly fishing, it was on my bucket list and now it has become my obsession. I'm in East Tennessee, with access to two great tailwaters, the Watauga and the South Holston. Lots of great info on this site so I mainly lurk and learn.

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    Southern Oregon just north of Medford. Rogue River is about 10 minutes drive from the front door. And to my surprise there's snow on the ground!!
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    Awesome! Thank you for your responses ladies. Freda- I've visited the Rogue River a couple times. So gorgeous. Hopefully I'll get a chance to visit again soon.

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    Hi Ladies! I'm from PNW as well... the Northern panhandle of Idaho. I have access to lots of mt lakes, rivers, and streams. Don't think I'll ever get tired of living here! I have fly fished all my life, but just in the small lakes in Wisconsin on poppers, so I have a lot to learn! Wish I was fishing right now! MP

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    Hilary and MP
    Welcome to the forum!
    I hope you two stick around and post up your fishing adventures in your respective areas.

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    My close friend Cynthia is Fly Fishing Manager at the Orvis store in Dedham, MA. She has an entire army of ladies she has recruited into the sport and regularly schedules ladies-only fishing excursions and events.
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    Welcome! I live and fish in SW Montana and have fly fished from PA, NY, NH, FL and Maine on the east coast to CO, Utah, WY etc. There is a wealth of information here. Use the search feature to narrow down searches for specific information (a lot of what you may wish to ask has already been answered here) but some information is time sensitive and will need to be asked again. Also check out the FAQ pages which will give you more information on how the site works. We look forward to seeing your posts with pics of your adventures!

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    I am a little slow on catching up on posts. Welcome! I grew up in Western Washington and am now located in Southeast Idaho. I would love to hear more reports from the PNW.

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