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Thread: double haul

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    I know this is a ladies forum but I think I can help. I tried for 1 1/2 years to learn a double haul, couldn't do it. I watched this video which told me to put down the rod and just practice the hand motions. No rod, no line. I practiced the motions for about a month until it was second nature (it takes 21 days to create a habit). When I picked up my 9WT and hit the beach I had it down in 20 minutes.

    Double Haul Basics
    good luck
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    Thank you for that video Swirlchaser. I have tried the double haul with somebody who knew how to do it...but it seemed to be a timing issue. I am going to have to find some time to practice the double haul. I did not know how to do the haul first, but anyways...I am going to learn this, and it will only be a matter of time before I do.
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    I have spent the winter in Belize and we go out fishing alot. Finally, after months of grilling by my husband, I finally got it! After you view the videos, it will still takes lots of practice but like the previous poster said, once it clicks, you have it. Don't get frustrated, just keep trying.
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    OK OK let's try that one again -- here's a clip of Joan Wulff that might help, Fly Fishing Video, Double Haul - MidCurrent

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