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  1. Default New fisherwoman in Washington

    Hi everyone,
    I got my first fly-fishing pole to fish for steelhead on the RogueRiver in Oregon. I only caught one 3 inch trout.
    I am now going to backpack for 2 weeks in the Wind River Range in Wyoming and I hear it is good fishing there. I am going to invest in a smaller pole and reel and some flies. Any suggestions on size, length, etc. I am truly a novice and would love any tips.

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    I would suggest that you visit a local fly shop to where to reside. I am sure they have experience or know of someone who has fished those areas. I am also sure that they would have you try out some of their rods and make a recommendation. Then I would wait until I got into the area I would be fishing before buying flys. From my expereince the local shops usually have a local assortment of flys for their area. This way you would have the proper flys for the proper time and area. From my experience local shops almost always will give advice about the local waters. Good Luck

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    Hardhat gave you good advise. There are as many opinions about what gear someone should buy as there are people on this forum because people have different casting styles and preferences in gear. Talk with the folks at the local shop and then try as many different fly rods as you can. If another local store has different brands, try those, too.

    Have fun and welcome!

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    I think a four to five weight will do you about right. You can get a decent combo at Cabelas or BPS that won't break the bank. You can check online before getting there on basic flies for trout. Then when you get to the area, you can still go to the fly shop and pick out a few more regional type flies. Google fly fishing clubs in that area, and contact a couple. They may have a website with just what you are looking for!
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

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    Thanks everyone. I will head off to Cabela's as we got a new one in town last year and get a combo. I'll let you know if I catch anything.

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    Cabela has two pack fly rod series, the five-piece Stowaway and the 7-piece Stowaway 7. The Stoways are priced around $100, and as a combo, up to $220, depending on the reel choice. The five-piece 8.5-foot 5-weight has been highly reviewed by a tackle magazine, and would be an excellent all-around size for alpine lakes and streams. So would the 7.5' four-weight.

    Whatever your choice, get an extra reel spool for a sinking line. The Wind River range is famous for long trails, dazzling scenery, clear lakes and beautiful trout. I envy you.

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    All very good advice, wish I could come too! The only advice I have is to find the rod and reel that feel good to you. Fishing is no fun if you struggle with your gear the whole time. Make a few test cast with just a strike indicator to get a feel for the pole and to be sure you will clear any brush or rocks that may be lining the banks. Good luck!

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    What they said.....Welcome

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