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Thread: Hello Girls

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    So, lets drop in here more and compare notes! How is the Salt fishing?
    Trout fishing is great here:

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    Hi ladies. I'm a new member - just signed up today.

    I started fly fishing two years ago and have been loving every minute of it! I'm looking forward to learning a lot from you girls (and the guys on the forum). I'm also a member of a few other forums, Northeastern Flyfishing, FAOL, PAFlyfish, etc.

    Tight lines, all.

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    So, what do you go by on FAOL? Fly Goddess here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joni View Post
    So, what do you go by on FAOL? Fly Goddess here.
    Same username there, too: Onemorecast. I think the O is capitalized.

    I've enjoyed your posts over there, especially when you posted the link to your band. Sounds like you live a very full and busy life!

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    Hello everyone

    I too started fishing because of my husband. Only we have a business in Alaska. My daughters work with us too and they are better fishers than I. We actually get some of our clients because we are women, unfortunately, not many of them are women! The business is Hitaluga Guide Service (I hope that is allowed).

    We fish saltwater too. Stripers and blues off Monomoy on Cape Cod, MA and this year we checking out Belize for the winter (we are getting too old for Alaskan winters!) We have tarpon, snook, bonefish, permit, the usual line up of Caribbean delights.

    Hope to chat with everyone soon!

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    Welcome Mommafly. I have a good friend from the internet in Alaska I talk to every day. His yard is beautiful and the flowers are awesome. Something you don't think about when talking Alaska.
    His biggest target fish is Grayling and nice ones at that. Do you get to fish for them?
    I guide a little here and I know what you mean about clients wanting women.
    I think cause they don't feel pressured by a woman.
    Look forward to reading more of your post.

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    Hi, Joni

    We fish the Talachulitna River in Alaska, its about 65 miles NW of Anchorage. We have all 5 species of salmon, grayling - they are one of the most beautiful fish there are, dolly varden, and of course, rainbows. We float the river in June and July in catarafts with fishing platforms so you can fish while we oar. In August we have a tent camp that is quite comfy and fish mostly at the mouth of the river.

    I know what you mean about people's conception of Alaska. The flowers in summer are awesome and people who live in Alaska are fanatics about their gardens.

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    Any of you ladies had a chance to go Steelhead fishing this winter?

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    A bit of a drive for me to go Steelheading. The old man would have to take a few days off for that and he prefers to save them for the summer months when it gets so hot here, we go to the mountains.
    I have caught some HYBRIDS as big as some STEELHEAD however.

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    I have never been steelheading, but it is on my list for a "someday" trip!

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